AAP founder member appeals to EC over lack of Internal Democracy

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New Delhi: Over the past few months, questions over AAP’s internal working have been raised from all quarters. Though the party has termed each voice of dissent as a ‘traitor’, the allegations don’t seem to stop surfacing.

Now, an AAP volunteer and founder member from Mumbai, S V Subramanian has moved the Election Commission of India over the lack of Internal Democracy in the Aam Aadmi Party. NewsGram is in possession of the email Subramanian sent to the EC. 

In the email, he says, “As per the Constitution all memberships to the Party are for a period of 3 Years.” He further quotes the constitution of the party which says that “A member shall have to get his membership renewed after every 3 years. For the purpose of this clause a year shall be the period commencing from 1st of April of a calendar year or the date of enrolment of a member up to 31st of March of the succeeding year.”

Mr. Subramanian brings to the notice of the commission that “As per the above clause, the membership of all the National Executive as well as National Council lapsed on 31st March 2015. So as of date there is no National Council in existence as none of the Council Members have renewed their membership on 31st March 2015. Further the tenure of all National Executive members is 3 years and a new National Executive has to be elected by the National Council by 20th November 2015, that is within 3 years of the formation of the Original National Executive.”

He says that he tried to raise the issue within the party but was given a cold shoulder by all the office bearers. He requests the EC to “direct the Aam Aadmi Party to stop collecting Funds or operating any Bank Account under the signature of the National Treasurer and or other authorised signatories.”

  • Rakesh Manchanda

    Poor Leader –Volunteer equation in a party with a difference led to an activist suicide in the past in the AAP Farmer Rally in Jantar Mantar. I agree with the above article that EC must take a serious action against AAP selective `illegal` activities as reported several times

  • Sarbajit Roy

    Somebody should teach the complainant basic mathematics. If these persons became members on 24.Nov.2012 then the date starts from 31.03.2013 (succeeding year) so this complaint should wait till 31.03.2016.