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Bengal IAS officer arrested for graft


Siliguri: An Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer, Godala Kiran Kumar, was arrested Wednesday night for allegedly siphoning off funds from the Siliguri-Jalpaiguri Development Authority (SJDA) while serving as its CEO, police said.

Kiran Kumar, now serving as joint secretary (agriculture) of the West Bengal government, was arrested by the Criminal Investigation Department of the state police after a marathon grilling that started Wednesday afternoon.

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Deputy Superintendent of Police, CID, Goutam Ghoshal said Kiran Kumar was taken into custody after he could not give satisfactory answers to posers linked to the purchase of four electric furnace of a crematorium that was being constructed by the SJDA during his tenure from September 2011 to March 2013.

The SJDA scam is said to be worth over Rs.100 crore.

Kiran Kumar was earlier arrested in November 2013 in connection with the siphoning of funds in the purchase of CCTV cameras and a sewerage project undertaken by the SJDA during his stint. However, the IAS officer was released the very next day after he was granted bail in the case.

The then Siliguri commissioner of police K. Jayaraman had been removed for ordering the arrest without seeking prior permission from the state government as well as not giving any prior intimation about the action. (IANS)

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Twitter working to fix cryptocurrency scam issue

On seeing that the threads were posted by "verified accounts", people fell in the trap and lost digital assets

Twitter to curb cryptocurrency frauds.
Twitter to curb cryptocurrency frauds.
  • Twitter to curb copycat handles
  • This will help is curbing scams related to cryptocurrency
  •  Many people have lost assets due to fake accounts

As the issue of copying verified Twitter accounts to trick cryptocurrency users is becoming increasingly prevalent, the microblogging company has said that it is working to curb these copycat handles.

Twitter working to eliminate fake accounts. VOA
Twitter working to eliminate fake accounts. VOA

Company CEO Jack Dorsey on Tuesday replied to a tweet that complained about the ongoing cryptocurrency scam on Twitter in which several users have been tricked and their digital assets were stolen.

“We are on it,” Dorsey replied to a user who questioned the CEO if the company was taking note of it, reported. On February 26, Dorsey had said that his company was aware of the issue and they “are fixing” the problem.

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Several users have been complaining about being duped on Twitter by fraudulent offers that promise a huge amount of Ether cryptocurrency in return for small initial deposits. These offers are being made by accounts that mimic well-known industry members and have a “blue tick” (verified account).

As a preventive measure, Twitter had banned several accounts, including the support team for cryptocurrency exchange Kraken despite they tried to warn others about the scam. On Tuesday, the ban on Kraken’s customer support handle was lifted.

“Good news, guys! @krakensupport is back! Strange that our initial appeal was also apparently handled by an automated system. Thank you all for your public outrage. Stay vigilant,” it announced.

Many people lost digital assets due to fake accounts on Twitter.
Many people lost digital assets due to fake accounts on Twitter.

According to the report, the scam began after an influencer posted a tweet regarding a fraudulent offer which was followed by similarly designed accounts.

In order to make the posts seem more legitimate, the spam accounts posted supportive messages, claiming that they have received the returns. On seeing that the threads were posted by “verified accounts”, people fell in the trap and lost digital assets. IANS

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