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Crackers sale takes a dip in Delhi


New Delhi: In a bid to have an eco-friendly Diwali,  a chunk of Delhi population has refrained from buying crackers resulting in a dip of 30 per cent in the sales. While some shopkeepers attributed the debacle to schools who brainwashed students, others opined that increase in pollution level has compelled people to abstain from bursting crackers.  Price hike of crackers also added to the woes.

“The market has not been so low in the past 30 years. Everything has contributed to the low purchases – from the e to the increased price of crackers,” said Bhatnagar, owner of Mama-Bhanja Patakha shop near Jama Masjid, also a member of the traders’ association. He added that this year they had ordered more than usual amount of crackers.

Normally, Sadar Bazar witnesses a sale of around Rs 4-5 lakh for an individual shopkeeper but this year it failed to touch even Rs 2 lakh.

Though the shops are not deserted, the quantity of firecrackers being purchased has decreased.

“It’s not that people are not buying, they have decreased or set a limit to their purchases. Those who used to buy crackers worth Rs 10,000-15,000 have cut short their purchases to Rs 5,000-7,000,” said Pulkit, a wholesale shop owner in Sadar Bazar.

Slashing the price has not facilitated sales either, said a shopkeeper.

“Even decreasing the prices haven’t helped much. A packet of Anar (Flower Pot crackers), which otherwise would be available for Rs 300 now costs Rs 200. Some shopkeepers are even ready to sell it at Rs 150 on bargaining”, said Ramesh, another shop owner.

However, unlike other years, Chinese crackers were not seen anywhere in the market.

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Maddy declares himself as a proud Indian posing with the Roadmaster for his Instagram followers.

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-Prepared by Bhavana Rathi of NewsGram. Twitter @tweet_bhavana

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