Wednesday December 13, 2017
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Delhi Traffic Police launch SMS alerts service


New Delhi: The Delhi Traffic Police on Friday rolled out a free SMS service to help people in planning their travel in the city. With this service, one can avail all the information about the city’s traffic situation like congestion points, rallies, political and religious processions and diversion updates on mobile phone.


The Delhi traffic police’s SMS alert service can be subscribed by sending an SMS to 9811452220. Police will then send information about traffic jams due to vehicle breakdowns, water logging, accidents, road blocks, or traffic diversions. A statement issued by the traffic police said this was being launched in association with the communications and IT ministry, which has provided bulk SMS service free of cost to the police for this purpose. The Traffic SMS Alert service was launched by Delhi Police Commissioner Bhim Sain Bassi.


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Delhi Police launches ‘Traffic Sentinel’ app to control traffic violation by public’s help


New Delhi: Delhi Police on Thursday launched a mobile app through which residents can keep a tab on traffic violators and send their videos or photographs. The person who posts the maximum would be rewarded.

The app named “Traffic Sentinel”, that is a part of a reward scheme, will come as an additional feature in the already existing Delhi Police’s mobile apps “Delhi Police… One Touch Away” app and “Delhi Traffic Police” app.

Launching the scheme, Delhi Police Commissioner Bhim Sain Bassi said: “This will be an empowering tool in the hands of the common citizen who will get a platform to report traffic offenses occurring on the roads of Delhi to the authorities.”

The mode of reporting the traffic offense will be simple by just clicking a photo or a video through the app on the phone and press the send button.

Bassi explained that the app will only ask basic information such as place of offense, date and time.

In GPS-enabled phones, the date, time and location will also be automatically embedded in the photograph.

Bassi said this tool will give an opportunity to the concerned citizens to help inculcate a habit of traffic discipline on Delhi roads.

To give incentive to the member of public who wants to be a ‘Traffic Sentinel’ and takes pains to report a traffic offense, an attractive reward system will be a part of this scheme,

Bassi also explained how one can participate in “Traffic Sentinel”.

To become ‘Traffic Sentinel’ a user will have to download the App and enroll himself through it.

Bassi said the user would get an acknowledgement and a unique transaction number for each photograph or video uploaded.

If the offense and the vehicle number are clear in the photograph or video, the same will be validated at backend at the traffic Police Headquarters, and reward points will be allocated to the sender who will be intimated through an email.

Bassi said once a minimum number of points are accrued, the ‘Traffic Sentinel’ will be entitled to a prize.

There will be, in addition, bumper prizes also from time to time through a lucky draw,

The Delhi Police chief said the people can report 11 traffic violations through the “Traffic Sentinel” scheme. Every violation has different points, he said.

Driving against the flow of traffic has five points, yellow line violation two points, parking on footpath one point while triple riding has two points.

Defective number plate, without a seat belt, without a helmet, and stop line violation offenses have one point each.

However, three points have been decided for the each offense of red light jumping and dangerous driving. For the offense of using the mobile phone, two points would be counted.

The ‘Traffic Sentinels’ will get rewards like dinner coupons, movie tickets, free talk time when their points would be between 25 and 100.

Those who would collect reward points more than 200 would be given a car, motorcycle and foreign tour rewards through a bumper draw.

(Inputs from IANS)



One response to “Delhi Police launches ‘Traffic Sentinel’ app to control traffic violation by public’s help”

  1. i have earned 1500 pts in traffic sentinel but no one has bothered the same offense by same vehicle no effect on any one i doubt whether the scheme is working ?

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Operators have to inform customers on data usage: TRAI



By NewsGram Staff Writer

India’s telecom regulator TRAI on Friday made it mandatory for telecom operators to issue notices in form of USSD or SMS about data usage to its customers at regular intervals.

Mobile network operators now need to send information about the usage to data users at every 10 MB of data consumption except customers opting for special schemes like add-on packs, combo offers and others. The consumers are to be provided with an option to opt out if they do not desire to receive such information.

For customers using special data packs, the operator has to compulsorily inform the customer whenever the limit of data usage reaches 50 per cent, 90 per cent and full exhaustion of the allotted data limit.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) also ordered the operators to intimate customers when the data balance available in the account reaches 500 MB, 100 MB and 10MB.

“Further the consumer shall be informed about the details of tariff applicable after exhausting the data limit, when the data limit reaches 90 percent or the data balance available in the account reaches 10MB,” TRAI said in a note.

Operators also need to send an alert to international roaming customer cautioning the person to deactivate data service if one does not intend to use data services.

TRAI ordered the service providers to implement the same by November 1 this year.

The regulator further said data services should be activated only with the explicit consent of the subscriber through a toll free short code – 1925. The same short code can be used to deactivate the data services as well.

“Data services through Special Tariff Voucher or Combo Voucher or add-on pack will be deemed to have been activated with consent till the expiry of the validity period of the voucher/pack or on the consumption of entire data, whichever is earlier,” said the TRAI notification.

Additionally, the customers also need to be informed through SMS at periodic intervals about the prescribed procedure for deactivation of data.

The regulator said it has been receiving several complaints from consumers regarding non-availability of information relating to the amount of data used during a data session.

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Did you wish Twitter happy birthday? Social media site turns nine



By Newsgram Staff Writer

How many people can you engage if you are only allowed to speak 140 words?  Those who are on Twitter, know that in such a case, sky is the limit.

Twitter which started on March 21, 2006 and has more than 284 million users worldwide, has turned into a preadolescent 9 year old today.

Started as an SMS service called ‘Twttr’,  to communicate with a small group by a New York University undergrad Jack Dorsey, it has come a long way from there. Today Twitter is not only used by a major chunk of the world population but also used by organizations, including Governments to break news to people. From India’s PMO to NASA all are using Twitter as the next generation communication tool.