Designed to Honour Mothers, Plans in progress to build Mata Hindu Temple in Clemmons, US

Mata Hindu Temple will be a unique temple in the U.S.A. It is dedicated to the divine mother.

Temple. (Representational Image). Pixabay

Forsyth County, October 1, 2016: It was a shock to the group planning the site of future Mata Hindu Temple in Clemmons when bullet holes in the sign marking the property were reported. Police still haven’t found a suspect.

“It’s been a very nurturing place, and I felt like when our sign was shot, it was very unnatural. It didn’t seem like something that would happen in a place like this,” said Shubha Mishra, Mata Hindu Temple Board of Trustees.

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“We received such positive support from throughout Winston-Salem, throughout Clemmons, the communities, the churches as well as the mayor of Clemmons, the mayor of Winston-Salem,” said Mishra to

That support of the community was there throughout, and now the board is ready to lay the foundation next week.

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Clemmons in US. Image source:
Clemmons in US. Image source:

“At the end of December, we should have the entire temple building ready to look at it from the outside, and maybe brickwork too would be completed at that time. And the next six months after that we will work inside part of the temple,” said Sanjay Aher, Aher Builders president to the news portal.

According to, Mata Hindu Temple is designed to honor mothers. In Hindi, “mata” means mother. “It will be a unique temple in the U.S.A. It is dedicated to the divine mother. So you can imagine how a normal mother gives love and compassion,” said Swami Rajendran, Mata Hindu Temple vice chairman.

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The temple costs about $500,000. Organizers plan to raise more funds to build up the cultural center and kitchen, creating a home for the Triad Hindu community.

“I find it wonderful and so fulfilling that the children growing up now as well as all of us will have a place to call our own,” said Mishra.

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