ICHR journal conflict: Member Secretary Gopinath Ravindran resigns


By NewsGram Staff Writer

The conflict within the Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR) has taken a new turn as member-secretary Gopinath Ravindran resigned from his post, earlier this week.

As reported by TOI, Ravindran and ICHR chairperson Y Sudershan Rao were at loggerheads. Ravindran had opposed the dismissal of the editorial and advisory board of Indian Historical Review, ICHR’s journal.

When his dissent was made part of the minutes of the meeting of ICHR’s council, Rao had stated that member-secretary is not a part of the council and therefore his views cannot be included in the minutes.

As a result of this conflict, even though the new editorial board of IHR had the office, the minutes were stuck.

Reportedly, Ravindran despite being the administrative head of ICHR, was not consulted and staff from the Bangalore office was transferred to the head office.

As per the report, Ravindran had more than one and half years left of his term.