IFR Village unites Indian culture


Vishakhapattanam: The IFR Village is uniting all the states of India  to showcase their culture and tradition on the Andhra University North Campus ground.

The village is going to showcase live stall of saree weaving and bamboo work by talented youth of India. It is also showcasing the crafts with varieties of art works of wood, pottery, handloom and handicraft.

People from across the country, besides the delegates, are making a beeline soon after it was thrown open to the public.

On entering the Village, one can see a woman from Rajasthan making potteries including toys and dishes of different shapes and design, surround with people curiously looking at her.

There are also some other women drawing folk art using clay and white chalk.

Another stall depicting Madhubani painting works from Bihar is also drawing a huge crowd. The painting on paper and canvas has been done using colours prepared from leaf, flower and other natural substances.

The sola pitch craft from West Bengal brought in variety of Durga idols including the small replicas that are used to decorate homes with the belief that they augur well for the household. Besides, there are wood carvings of various goddesses from Tirupati.

The navy also opened a stall to sell IFR curious on mugs, sippers, memorabilia.

The traditional jewellery stalls are a major attraction for girls and women.(IANS)