Indian origin UK girl tops Mensa IQ test


London:  Mumbai born 11-year-old girl of Indian origin topped an IQ test of Mensa, achieving the top possible score of 162 and joining the league of brainiest students of the country.

Kashmea Wahi achieved the full score 162 out of 162, putting her name in the likes of scientists Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking and in the top one percent of the brightest students of the country. She studies at Notting Hill and Ealing Junior School in west London.

Kashmea said, “It’s overwhelming to be compared with the likes of Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein, the comparison is implausible and I believe it would take loads of achievements for anyone like myself to be able to get into the league of such legends. Anyways, I am buzzing with excitement.”

It is noted that the IQ of both Hawking and Einstein is 160.

Kashmea took the test to prove her point to her parents, Vikas and Pooja Wahi, who are in the field of IT management consultancy. The Cattell III B Mensa test is one of the many tests conducted by Mensa. It is a well-known international evaluation process containing 150 questions. It includes a lot of verbal reasoning; it often assesses comprehension through the passage of texts.(Inputs from agencies)(