Intel reports reveal security lapses at Pathankot airbase


New Delhi: Intelligence agencies have come to know that locals living near the Pathankot airbase used to pay Rs 20 to the security personnel to enter the prohibited premises and shop in the CSD canteen. Some locals even entered to graze their cattle.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh was apprised by intelligence agencies about how people frequented the Air Force base along with their cattle and bribed the security personnel deployed at different places in the premises.

The security lapse was unearthed only after the Pakistan-based militants besieged the airbase at Pathankot. Following the shocking discovery, the government of Punjab started to keep a count on the Gujjar population living near the airbase to ensure security in the area.

To enter the premises, some local people made identity cards while others paid the security guards.

However, an IAS spokesperson rubbished the reports claiming that the inputs gathered by the intelligence agencies were baseless.

The attack on the air base on January 2 left seven security personnel dead.

Reportedly, the terrorists trespassed the India-Pakistan border in Punjab, reached the Pathankot airbase and carried out the attack. (Inputs by agencies)