Know Your Diet “Apna Ahaar Janein” is India’s Biggest Online interactive tool on Food and Diet

The Hindi version of Know Your Diet is known as Apna Ahaar Janein

Diet. Pixabay
  • An online interactive tool was launched to help the users to improve the food and dietary habits
  • The Hindi version of Know Your Diet is known as Apna Ahaar Janein
  • India needs a clear policy to promote good food

New Delhi, Sept 21, 2016: On Tuesday, an online interactive tool was launched to help the users to improve the food and dietary habits. The online interactive tool launched by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has been named as Know Your Diet and is available in Hindi as well as English.

It would be advantageous to anyone who is nine years or above. They can use it from smartphones, computers or tablets. The Hindi version is known as Apna Ahaar Janein.

According to PTI, on this occasion, the CSE Director General Sunita Narain said, “India needs a clear policy to promote good food. We cannot afford food that is bad for health and bad for the environment. This tool will help us push for better policy and practices on the promotion of good food.”

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“What we eat affects our health. But most of us do not know what we eat and how it affects our health. Know your diet is a first of its kind initiative to help people of India know about their food and dietary habits.”

Diet. Pixabay
Diet. Pixabay

It will be easy for the users to understand their personal diet as they would provide reports comprising of feedback and advice. Users will also get the answers to their problems on food and diet on a frequent basis. There are no costs involved in this.

“We hope that it will ignite a good food movement in our country,” said Chandra Bhushan,
“From across India, over 25 schools, colleges and universities have already joined us in this initiative. Several companies have also expressed their interest.”

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“We would like institutions to come forward and participate. We encourage people of this country to use this tool and be a part of the good food movement,” Bhushan said.

-prepared by Pinaz Kazi of NewsGram. Twitter: @PinazKazi

  • enakshi

    Well now that the people are taking initiave to keep others healthy.. The people into junk foods and fattu foods take the initiative to follow and take care of yourself!

  • Anubhuti Gupta

    i guess it will motivate people to eat healthier and the great thing is its availabel in app form!

  • Ashwati Menon

    knowing whats the health percentage in our daily diet instead of knowing how much calorie we are in taking is a real help for people looking forward to healthy long life