Man suffering from Local Gigantism dubbed as ‘Devil’ by his Own Family

Gigantism is usually caused by the excessive secretion of the human growth hormone or somatotropin

A child suffering from local gigantism. Image source:
  • Bablu was forced to leave his hometown because neighbors could not understand his biological condition
  • He migrated to Mumbai in search for jobs, but did not find much hope in the city either
  • He suffers from Gigantism, a condition when certain parts, or the whole body, grows abnormally due to excessive production of growth hormone

MUMBAI: Bablu has been shooed away from his hometown because his neighbors failed to understand the unusual biological condition he suffers from. Bablu suffers from an extreme case of local gigantism and has a massive 20 kg right arm. Even his own family thought of him as a ‘devil’, and left no choice with him but to leave home. Bablu has now traveled to Mumbai in search of a better lifestyle.

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Bablu finds it hard to perform the simplest of tasks. Image Courtesy: News Flare

But people have not been as welcoming in Mumbai either. Bablu thought he would blend easily in this densely populated city and maybe think of making a living, but everyone seems scared of his arm. He has to suffer a lot of hardships and stigmas through no fault of his own, said the report.

Gigantism is caused by the excessive secretion of the human growth hormone, or somatotropin, in childhood during growth spurts, resulting in heights of 7 feet to 9 feet in height. The pituitary gland, which is responsible for producing somatotropin, produces an extra amount of the hormone due to the presence of benign tumor, which in turn causes enlargement of certain parts or the overall body. This can be marked by an enlarged tongue or big limbs, said the website.

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People suffering from gigantism often suffer from skeletal as well as circulatory anomalies. Statistically speaking, these people also often die early. Even with these risks, sportsmen consume artificial growth hormone to improve performance in their filed of work. This artificial hormone is banned by authorities.

-prepared by Saurabh Bodas, an intern at NewsGram. Twitter: @saurabhbodas96


  • AJ Krish

    It is really sad that Bablu has been shooed away from his hometown and treated differently because of his condition. People need to be more understanding and help him out rather than isolating him.

  • Vrushali Mahajan

    Avoiding or shooing away people with such disorders is not the way. These people need care, attention and they like to be treated just like the normal people.

  • Aparna Gupta

    We are living in 21st century and how can even think of devil now days? It’s all because of lack of education.

  • devika todi

    people need to be more sensitive to such issues. lack of education is a major reason. i can’t even say that this is just the thinking and the condition in the villages. Bablu faced a similar criticism in a modern city like Mumbai. i guess we see different as bad in our society.