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May is National Salad Month

Due to all the benefits of having a salad, United States celebrates National Salad Month in the month of May

Salad Bar, Wikimedia Commons

By Shipra John

National Salad Month is celebrated in the month of May in the United States. When we think of the word ‘salad’ the first thing that comes to our mind are, green veggies such as lettuce or a side salad that can be eaten as a way to maintain your diet. With the climate being warmer in the month of May, people prefer to have something light and thirst quenching, rather than having dry and hot food items such as burgers, roasted meat or grilled items. One can enjoy this meal, as it is light and healthy too. You can experiment by adding flavors such as dressings, fruits and nuts to make it a delicious meal. The bliss of having a salad is that it can be eaten anytime during the day and it boosts up your nutrition.

Lettuce Salad, Wikimedia Commons
Lettuce Salad, Wikimedia Commons

There are a variety of salads that can be experimented with, using kale, iceberg lettuce and also using dark green veggies such as spinach or red leafy lettuce. You can also have fish or cheese or whole grains as an addition to your appetizer. Knowing that it is good for you, this combination of fresh fruits and vegetables can be accompanied with a glass of fresh juice or a glass of wine.

Mixed Salad, Wikimedia Commons
Mixed Salad, Wikimedia Commons

Some of the benefits of having a salad are listed below:

  • They are visually attractive since they have varieties of shapes, colors and sizes that are very much eye appealing and also stops your tummy from cravings.
  • Salads contain low calories that make your meal ideal and perfect for your physique and your digestive system. Having fried food items only increases your body fat. You can gain good fat from salads, as spinach gives you iron, tomatoes give you lycopene and other nutrients are absorbed by the body.
  • Salads can be made easily and quickly, and can stop you from craving. You don’t need to cook and you can have it at anytime of the day, as it will be refreshing for you and it also re-energizes your body.
  • Salads help you to digest your meal easily. You may feel heavy and full after having a fatty meal, but a salad helps you to fill your stomach and does not make you feel lazy and sleepy after having your meal.
  • It prevents diseases. A salad helps you to prevent various diseases especially cancer and heart diseases, since it is rich in fiber that boosts up your digestive system.
  • The diverse varieties of salads prevent you from getting bored with your food. With an assortment of salads and dressings to choose from and adding a combination of fruits and vegetables you can enjoy eating a tasty healthy meal.

Due to all the benefits of having a salad, United States celebrates National Salad Month in the month of May, as it makes you Health conscious and also re- energizes your immune system.

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Therefore, everyone can also start celebrating National Salad Month by eating from a variety of salads. Salads will make you healthier, cooler and appeal to your taste buds as well.

Shipra John is a Journalism student at Delhi University, currently working as an intern at Newsgram. Twitter @mjsj_96



  1. It should be celebrated in India also…salad is indeed an important part of our diet. In summers, it should be eaten daily to avoid dehydration

  2. Exactly !!! India should definitely look forward to celebrate National Salad Day. After all our present generation needs to understand the importance of having Salad in their diet list.Many people are still unaware of the fact that ‘Salad’ is highly nutritious for our health.

  3. Salads are the main source of fiber in one’s body. It should not be avoided at any cost. To make salads interesting, you can add your favorite toppings and dressings and you’re good to go.


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Benefits of Petroleum Jelly
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“While male and female mast cells have the same sets of genes on their chromosomes, with the exception of the XY sex chromosomes, the way the genes act vary immensely between the sexes,” Moeser noted.

A further in-depth analysis of the genes within the RNA genome — a primary building block in all forms of life — revealed an increase in activity that is linked to the production and storage of inflammatory substances, according to the study published in the journal Biology of Sex Differences.

These substances can create a more aggressive response in the body and result in disease.

“This could explain why women, or men, are more or less vulnerable to certain types of diseases,” Moeser said.

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