Naujawaan Utsav: In aid of suicide prevention campaign

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Guyana: In the current scenario when a number of youth suicides have been reported, The Dharmic Naujawaan(DNJ), the central youth arm of the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha(GHDS) has stepped forward to host a “Naujawaan Utsav” (youth festival) on Saturday Feb 20, 2016 as part of fundraising and awareness activities for suicide prevention campaign.

Youth from all across Guyana would experience a night full of cultural activities like singing, dancing and drama.

The Dharmic Naujawaan, revived on October 1, empowers the youth to contribute towards the development of Guyana. It provides a platform for young hearts to share their views, develop ideas, become aware of social issues, be creative though various cultural and social activities.

The DNJ, being the central role in GHDS, has spread his arms to involve other branches across the county to participate in this event. Through the event, they wish to help the youth develop interpersonal, public speaking, artistic and other important social skills.

“These skills are vital in transforming the participating youths, to formulate a positive attitude and gain invaluable experiences which they can then take and share with their respective communities across the country,” the Naujawan said in a statement.

DNJ has been busy working with GHDS and social work professionals this year on various suicide attempts held in Berbice and Essequibo.

Debates have been organized by the DNJ in Berbice among students along with charity drives, medical outreaches, community workshops, blood drives and youth conference to have an impact on society.

Naujawaan Utsav event has been shared on the facebook page of “Dharmic Naujawaan-National Forum”. The tickets are available on the location and will include dinner and concert. The event will begin at 6:00 pm and only limited seats are available.