Saturday October 21, 2017
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No LPG subsidy for over Rs10 lakh income group: Venkaiah Naidu


Hyderabad: The NDA government is mulling to lift the subsidy on LPG cylinder for consumers whose annual income is above Rs10 lakh, Union minister M Venkaiah Naidu said in Hyderabad on Saturday.

“Dharmendra Pradhan (minister for petroleum and natural gas) told me that the government has found many of illegal gas connections and is saving thousands of crore of rupees by stopping supply to those consumers,” the Union minister for urban development and parliamentary affairs said.

“They (the government) are also planning that the consumers whose income is above Rs10 lakh, gas subsidy will not be given. Why do they need subsidy? Why ministers need subsidy? So far, 30 lakh people have given up LPG subsidy. That subsidy will be given to poor people,” he said.

Naidu was speaking at an awards function organised by Federation of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Chambers of Commerce. He said the government has so far brought out about 35 changes in the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) policy across 15 sectors.

Seeking support from the opposition parties for passing some crucial Bills such as GST Bill, the Union minister said the government is willing to talk to them on pursuing its agenda.

“Our government agenda is development, good governance, elimination of poverty and empowerment of youth and women. The opposition should also cooperate with the government in pursuing these reforms. People want politics of development. We seek the support of all political parties in pursuing developmental agenda in the larger interest of the country,” he said.

Taking a dig at those criticising Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Naidu said they should respect the mandate of the people with tolerance. “Knowingly or unknowingly, some incidents took place in the country and one should not magnify them and show the country in poor light,” he said. He said India is moving on the path of development and attracting investments from outside.

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Intolerance campaign to derail Modi govt’s development agenda: BJP


New Delhi: On a day when 24 filmmakers and writers – including Arundhati Roy, Saeed Mirza and Kundan Shah – announced the return of their national awards, the BJP blamed the Congress and CPI-M for “misleading the country on the issue of rising intolerance”, alleging that the entire effort was to derail Modi government’s developmental agenda.

Bharatiya Janata Party president Amit Shah released a book titled ‘Ideological Difference’ to counter the debate on intolerance and highlight the party’s viewpoint on the current situation.

“The book’s purpose is to highlight the other side of the story. Only one side of the story was highlighted so far. Now the truth is coming out. We want the general public of India to know the other view also through this book,” senior BJP leader and union minister Venkaiah Naidu told media persons here.

“Wrong information was given. Through this book, we are releasing facts of what happened earlier and (what is happening) now,” he said.

The entire effort is to derail the developmental agenda of the Narendra Modi government. We have a vested interest in peace because without peace there is no progress.

“Political intolerance is the trait of the Congress party. We have seen what respect they give to their party president. They did not allow the body of a late party president to enter the party office. Sita Ram Kesri was physically moved from the chair and removed. Under Communist Party of India-Marxist’s philosophy, intolerance towards the opponents is known to all. Why the so-called intellectuals did not raise their voices earlier and why are they doing it now,” he asked.

Naidu said that for 60 years, the Congress and its dependents were in power at the Centre and states. “They have an octopus-like presence in most academic and cultural institutions. The left intellectuals had a field day since they were the beneficiaries of the patronisation of the Congress party,” the union minister said.

“In 1969, a split in the Congress occurred and the communist party lent them a helping hand. There was a quid pro quo understanding between the two. All academic institutions in the country were handed over to the Left party. The impact of the Communist Party in the country has declined since then, but their influence over the institutions has increased,” he added.

“The political presence of the Communist Party since then has become minuscule. The entire strength of the Left political parties in India is not even four percent,” Naidu said.

“Some people have made an issue out of the unfortunate events that have happened in some states. The entire effort is to derail the developmental agenda of the Narendra Modi government. We have a vested interest in peace because without peace there is no progress. Time and again, our prime minister has said that his agenda is development,” he added.

(With inputs from IANS)

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PM praises ‘people power’, urges people to buy khadi


By NewsGram Staff Writer

New Delhi: During his ‘Mann Ki Baat’ address on All India Radio, Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised “people power” by saying that his appeals to promote khadi and to give up cooking gas subsidy had fetched tremendous response. He also urged people to purchase khadi products.

In his radio address, which has completed 12 editions, Modi said he has learnt the power and reach of democracy through his monthly address.

“Mann ki Baat has taught me a lot, about the strength that lies in the hands of the common people to bring changes in society,” he said.


Saying khadi sales had doubled over one year, Modi also pointed out that there would be a month-long discount on khadi products from October 2. He said  the income from handloom and khadi sales go to the poor weavers or their widows.

“So I urge you all to give space to khadi in your homes this Diwali,” Modi said during Mann Ki Baat on Sunday.

“It gives me great pleasure to announce that khadi sales have doubled over one year,” he added, thanking people for having responded generously to a similar appeal he made last year.

Modi also announced that over three million families had surrendered their cooking gas subsidy following his call.

“Over 30 lakh families have surrendered their LPG subsidy, and not just the rich. Most are from the lower middle and middle classes like retired teachers, pensioners,” he said.

“I have got response in lakhs. This is nothing but proof of that a silent revolution is on,” he added while counting the success of his radio show.

Modi further said that his appeal to people to suggest how governance can be improved has fetched massive response. He said the lakhs of letters he had received has opened his eyes to the numerous problems people face vis-a-vis government programmes including at the grass root level.

Giving examples of “people power”, Modi said his mention of “selfie with daughter” had fetched lakhs of responses. “The daughter got so much of pride. This was like a silent revolution.”

Similarly, his appeal to send photos of interesting spots from across India had fetched a huge response. People sent lakhs of beautiful pictures from all corners of the country. “Perhaps the tourism department has not got so many pictures of India, and the government has not spent any money.”

Modi said the government can work together with the society like a catalyst to bring about changes.

With inputs from IANS