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No Respect for Journalists in Pakistan: Female Reporter Saima Nawal gets slapped by a Guard on Duty

The video of the Frontier Constabulary guard named Hassan Abbas slapping a female reporter of a private TV channel has gone viral on the social media

Reporter Saima kanwal of a local channel in Pakistan gets slapped by a security guard. Source Youtube

KARACHI, October 21, 2016: A case has been registered in the Karachi Police station on Thursday against FC (Frontier Constabulary) trooper who was deployed as a guard at NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) office in the Nazimabad area of the capital.

The video of the Frontier Constabulary guard named Hassan Abbas slapping a female reporter of a private TV channel has gone viral on the social media. The reporter of channel K-21, Saima Kanwal was covering a live programme concerned with the problems faced by the citizens at the NADRA registration office, police officials said. The video has grabbed the attention of associated authorities and they have taken serious action toward this, mentioned report.

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[bctt tweet=”The Gulbahar police station has filed the case against the FC personnel for slapping Saima Nawal.” username=””]

The Indiatimes report mentioned that police might reach up to FC authorities to take the accused personnel in custody. “Gulbahar police have registered a case against the FC personnel over charges of conducting aerial firing and assaulting modesty of the female reporter of K-21 TV channel by slapping her,” the Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) Muqadas Hyder told the reporters. The guard also harassed the channel’s cameraman as well as driver.

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NADRA officials also had given an application to lodge a FIR (First Information Report) against the reporter of K-21 for the “hindrances in official work” she created. The cameraman also recorded the empty shells after the guard’s firing.

– prepared by Chesta Ahuja, NewsGram.  Twitter: @ahuja_chesta


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Pakistan’s “Last Jew” Fishel Benkhald Recognized by the Government

Benkhald was born in Karachi in 1987 to a Muslim father and a Jewish mother

Fishel Benkhald, the
Fishel Benkhald, the "last jew" of Pakistan.Twitter
  • Fishel Benkhald is often referred as the “last jew” of Pakistan
  • He was originally registered as a Muslim
  • The government has finally recognized him as a Jew

Pakistan, June 30, 2017– Pakistani government has finally recognized its “last jew” when Fishel Benkhald was allowed by the interior ministry to change his religion from Islam to Judaism. It is an unprecedented move by the Muslim-majority nation.

Fishel, who is a 29-year-old outspoken activist was often referred to as the “last jew” of Pakistan, was originally registered as a Muslim.

Benkhald was born in Karachi in 1987 to a Muslim father and a Jewish mother. He was registered as Faisal in his national identity documents.After the death of his parents in 1990s, Benkhald identified himself as a Jew during the ongoing census.

After going through several rounds of appeals and several months of bureaucratic paperwork, the interior ministry finally approved his application seeking “conversion/correction” of his religion. In his appeal, Benkhald had insisted that his religion be changed on his national identity card.

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Benkhald claims to be the only person of his faith in Pakistan. He is a resident of Karachi at the moment.

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) is not known for entertaining such requests commonly on the grounds that an applicant’s faith is different from the father’s. NADRA has not allowed members of the Ahmadi religious sect to proclaim themselves as Muslims so far.

Muslims have to sign an affidavit with NADRA that they are not Ahmadis or “Qadiyanis”.

Peter Jacob, who heads a faith-based organization in Lahore said, “It is a very sensitive issue where people have been killed either way.”

Benkhald thanked the interior ministry and NADRA for granting him the right to practice the religion of his choice in a telephonic conversation with The Express Tribune paper.

“I studied Islam in childhood. But I never practiced it as a religion.” Said Benkhald. He also added that he would consider the positive development in his case as a treat from Pakistani authorities for the upcoming Passover, a spring festival that commemorates the liberation of the Israelites from Egyptian slavery.

Despite Benkhald’s claim of being the “last jew”, NADRA is saying that there are 745 registered Jewish families in the nation.

– prepared by Nikita Tayal of NewsGram. Twitter: @NikitaTayal6