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More than 90 Madrassas in Pakistan’s Sindh have Solid Connection with Terrorist Groups

In Pakistan’s Sindh province around 93 madrasas have solid links with terrorist groups

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Karachi, 27 October, 2016: In Pakistan’s Sindh province around 93 madrassas have “solid links” with terrorist groups. Authorities will be starting an operation against those terrorist harboring schools, PTI report said on Wednesday.

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A special meeting will be held at the Sind CM’s house, so as to review the law and order in the province.

According to PTI, “Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah presided over the meeting, which was also attended by the Rangers director-general Major General Bilal Akbar and provincial heads of intelligence agencies among other members of civilian leadership.”
Police and Rangers are directed by the Chief Minister to begin an operation again those schools.

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“This kind of attitude will not be accepted,” said Shah.

“We will not allow anybody to shed blood of innocent people in the name of religion or using a sacred place. This operation will also be targeted and intelligence-based. The operation will be started just after Chehlum, a religious observance that occurs 40 days after the Day of Ashura.”

He further directed that the home department put all the 93 madrassas harboring terrorists on the watch list as well as to maintain a record of their daily activities.
The Chief Minister is informed by the heads of law enforcement agencies about recent arrests of some terrorists who all have given some clues of other terrorists, hinting about their hideouts and plans.

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It was pointed out, Karachi’s illegal immigrants and those in its outskirts including the slum areas were either supporting or harboring terrorists. While some of them may be are directly involved in the terrorist activities.

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Why are Ordinary Citizens becoming ‘Extremists’?

Factors of people dwelling into extremism

Extremists (Representational Image)

Oct 1, 2017: The 21st century is witnessing more and more of extremism, in the form of both verbal and physical assault. The phenomenon of showcasing extreme support is visible in many countries. Groups like ISIL target extremists and through them conduct violent activities in the name of defending ‘Islam’ and Muslim communities.

Who are Extremists?

A person who has extreme political or religious views and lacks the quality of being ‘objective’. The actions of extremists may often be aggressive and violent. Various organisations including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have gauged the factors of people resorting to such measures.

One may wonder as to why do extremists resort to aggression and violence in the name of religion or ideology? What could lead to someone dwelling into such actions? Apart from education and poverty, there are factors which result in such behavior. Various studies and researches indicate factors- loneliness, depression, and need for societal acceptance as some of the reasons.

The FBI in one of its reports has stated some vulnerabilities which lead to terrorists or extremist groups.

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The following factors make people more prone to believing in such ideology:

1. Feeling of loneliness.
2. Emotional distress.
3. Hatred towards a sect of society.
4. Disagreeing with governmental policies.
5. The need of being accepted in the society.

Terrorist organisations are in search for these people only. While the reasons for becoming an extremist is mostly a mystery, but terrorist organisations recruit the ones who have these vulnerabilities, as these factors are directly related to a person’s psychology and conscience, and the game can certainly be won by playing with the person’s psychology. These people are dehumanizing those who do not fit into their view, and as mentioned before this extremism is leading to terrorism. Extremism in India, which has lead to terrorism is prevalent in conflicted areas like Jammu and Kashmir, where Islamic militants are conditioning and instigating the citizens of the state to raise their voice against their nation.

The rising extremists is a grave concern that commands immediate actions to be taken. The present actions determine that the future may be very bleak. We need a future which has humanity and objectivity. Extremism needs to be beaten through the power of knowledge, education and right information.

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