[PHOTOS] India International Mega Trade Fair kicks off in Kolkata


Arnab Mitra

Kolkata: The 14th India International Mega Trade Fair kicked off on December 17 in presence of the Deputy High Commissioner of Bangladesh Zokey Ahad, at the Science City grounds in Kolkata. This year several Indian states and more than 10 countries participated in the fair with Bangladesh as the guest country.

Aditya Tiyagi, the vice-president of GS Marketing Associates said, “This is the 14th edition of this trade fair and like every year we are expecting a huge footfall and good business.”

Iqbal, a Turkish businessman who participated in this festival with his decorated hand-made light works said, “Kolkata is an amazing and beautiful city, so I have travelled miles to share my work with the art-lovers of Kolkata.”

Ruswarna Begum, Bangladeshi trader said, “Bangladeshi Jamdani is always a hot choice for the Bengalis in Kolkata. We have got a huge response and within four days we have made a huge profit of around 30 lakhs.”

Shalini Ganguly, a visitor to the fair, said, “It’s lovely over here. It’s an exciting opportunity to be able to avail various products from so many countries under one umbrella. I have bought Afghani dry fruits and two jamdani sarees for my mother-in-law and me.”

The 10-day festival will end on December 27. The next episode of the fair will start again from December 15 in 2016.

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