Non-Himachali Priyanka Vadra moves to court against the RTI on her property


By NewsGram Staff Writer

Priyanka Gandhi has moved to Himachal High court to prevent the information regarding her properties being disclosed to the public.

Dev Ashish Bhattacharya had posted an RTI query in June 2014, asking copies of land records and other details regarding the properties owned by Priyanka Gandhi in Himachal Pradesh.

After, Himachal Pradesh state information commission ruled in favor of disclosing the information, Priyanka Gandhi has approached the high court to prevent disclosure.

In her writ petition, Gandhi has pointed out that Bhattacharya has no locus-standi to ask information regarding her property or the order that permitted her to purchase lands in Himachal Pradesh, as he is neither a Himachali nor a resident of Himachal Pradesh.

Previously, Gandhi had stated that if the information is disclosed then it may cause threat to her life.