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Chhota Rajan return and over hyped media coverage


New Delhi: A heavy contingent of mediamen remained deployed outside the Air Force Station in Palam since Thursday evening as if to welcome somebody who would usher in a paradigm change in India.

The overnight wait ended when India’s most wanted don Chhota Rajan landed at the airport. And the news pandemonium began.

With media houses who claim to be “your channel”, “aap ki awaz”, “people’s voice” reiterating what Chhota Rajan eats and where he goes, it may be time to question their media ethics.

Is it newsworthy to focus on his diet when countless Indians go hungry? Or is Chhota Rajan the primary security concern of the nation now?

At 2 PM on Friday, media channels reported, “Rajan is healthy”. Is it justified to spend crores of money to air Chota Rajan’s health status?

However, all media channels failed to establish whether Rajan was arrested or he surrendered. An exclusive video coverage had Rajan and other press cameramen in the same frame.

The media channels also raked up controversies such as the Mumbai Police being “irked” as the case was transferred to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). Strangely, even the Sheena Bora case was dragged in while airing the Chhota Rajan case. The modus operandi of catering news shows that the media houses lack actionable content and do anything for catching the eyeballs.

The reckless reporting by media houses has pointed to a probable India-Pak war. Channels opined that India would use Chhota Rajan as an “asset” to catch Dawood Ibrahim who is backed by Pakistan’s ISI. Can the channels afford to touch on such sensitive issues?

The media hype escalated to such heights that it eclipsed the exit-poll on the Bihar election. Even the PM’s address did not create much of a flutter.

Instead of focusing on the success of the intelligence agencies, the channels kept on parroting what Rajan did in his childhood and aired documentaries on his meteoric rise.

This testifies to the fact that media channels are gradually losing their focus of catering news and making content to appease people. Instead of educating or informing the news-hungry masses, media houses keep on sensationalizing the news.

However, the channels failed to laud the heroics of the team that made the operation successful. Instead, they kept making Rajan a hero and glorifying his journey.

Calling Rajan a ‘patriotic don’ is just uncalled for.

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The real story of Haseena Parkar, Dawood Ibrahim’s Sister!

She was the 'Queen of Nagpada'

Dawood Ibrahim's sister was involved in land grabbing, extortion, kidnapping, and murder.
Dawood Ibrahim's sister was involved in land grabbing, extortion, kidnapping, and murder.

Haseena Parkar was the younger sister of the most wanted man in India, Dawood Ibrahim. Born 7th of the 12 children, she stood five feet two inches. She was born in Village Mumkam, Ratnagiri district in Maharashtra.


She got married to Ismail Parkar. The couple was happy but not until long. The Arun Gawli gang saw Ismail as a fit target to teach Ibrahim ‘a lesson’. Ismail Parkar was murdered by the Arun Gawli gang in 1991.

She was known as the Appa of Mumbai. Pixabay
She was known as the Appa of Mumbai. Pixabay

After which, Haseena started operating her brother’s business in Mumbai. She was involved in land grabbing, extortion, kidnapping, and murder.

Settling matters involving builders, she used to demand property in return for the favors. Her properties, reportedly, were worth 5000 crores.

No property could be constructed without her approval in the areas in which the D-company operated.

She was known as the ultimate 'Appa' of Mumbai and the underworld. Pixabay
She was known as the ultimate ‘Appa’ of Mumbai and the underworld. Pixabay


She tried of to involve one of her sons, Danish, in the business, as she needed a helping hand. He is known to have died in a car crash in 2006.

Then started the downfall of the ‘Queen of Nagpada’. In 2007, she was booked in a case of extortion for taking Rs 30 lakh from a real estate agent Vinod Avlani.

However, she did not give in easily. The police chased her for months, and finally when she came in for the hearing, she got a bail. No one heard of her thereafter. It is said that Ibrahim had asked her to stay low.


Her son died in a car crash. Pixabay
Her son died in a car crash. Pixabay

She died on 6 July 2014 due to cardiac arrest in Habib Hospital. She died while on Roja.

Shraddha Kapoor starrer 2017 film ‘Haseena Parkar’ is based on her life.

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