Rajnath Singh warns of Islamic State attacks on India, says precautionary moves taken


New Delhi: Warning that Islamic State attacks could not be ruled out in India, Home minister Rajnath Singh said that India was kept under high alert following the terror attack in Paris.

The Home Minister, who was speaking at the inauguration of Asia Leaders’ Meeting and 2nd ISDR Asia Partnership Meeting in Delhi on Tuesday, said that further precautionary measures were taken to thwart any possible attack from the dreaded outfit.

Singh said, curbing the ISIS  is a ‘global challenge’ and “all nations must come together to fight against it.”

Five states and four cities are reportedly said to be on the ISIS radar in India. States like Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, West Bengal and Assam are said to be on the radar of the militant group. Notably, all these states have a substantial Muslim population and share borders with countries where militancy is on a high.

Singh also termed the threat emanating from the ISIS as a ”global challenge”, saying ”all nations must come together to fight against it.” ISIS is not focussed on any particular cluster of countries but on the whole world, he added.

The Ministry of Home Affairs had also released an advisory to all states regarding the looming threat from the terror outfit and has directed to keep a close watch on people, who are suspected to have links with ISIS across the country.

The ISIS released a new chilling video where they have warned the American capital of a ‘Paris-style’ attack.

The fluttering of ISIS flags in Kashmir prior to Prime Minister’s Narendra Modi’s visit, however, testifies the presence of the outfit’s ideologies in India. Furthermore, youths had been detained in the past for trying to migrate from India to join the outfit.

The lucrative monetary offers from the Islamic State, the fiery and radical speeches of the leaders and the fundamentalist ideologies do lure youths especially the minorities who keep alleging that they are being deprived of their rights in India.

(With inputs from agencies)

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