A Ramayana event at upcoming Lit Fest in Trinidad

An Indian event for the first time in the history of this Lit Fest at Trinidad and Tobago.

the jewelled deer event is to be observed at the Bocas lit fest

20th April 2016, Trinidad and Tobago:

The NGC Bocas Lit Fest in Trinidad and Tobago, initiated in 2011, is held in the month of April. This year too it will be celebrating writers, books and literary activities with a Caribbean focus. However, interestingly, this fest, this time, is to observe, under the event named “the jewelled deer” a performance by Geeta Ramsingh (Vahini) on the Ramayana’s 16th century Awadhi version of Tulsidas.

One interesting event on May 1 that is likely to attract good response in the upcoming fest is: The Jewelled Deer: Exploring the Ramayana

The highlights of this event will be:

1) A performance by Geeta Ramsingh (Vahini) on the Ramayana’s 16th century Awadhi version of Tulsidas.

jewelled deer
Geeta Ramsingh Musician and President of the Hindu Prachaar Kendra

2) Vivek Narayanan, will be discussing his to be published collection of poems “The Jewelled Deer”, which attempts to observe the Epic Ramayana by Maharishi Valmiki. It is not only limited to its source but encompasses the whole poetic tradition, trying to outline the gap between contemporary poetics and the ancient one.

jewelled deer
Vivek Narayanan

Ramayana is not only considered a text in India and aborad by Hindus, but it is celebrated as an exemplar of truth, duty and responsibility with its idol Lord Rama. It is one of the “Epic works of World Literature” and has been translated in almost all the languages.

As the fest is every year observed at the National library in the port of Spain, this event being a part of this fest will be enlightening the audience with the Indian inclinations.

It is well known how Trinidad and Tobago share a diasporic relation with India with a national day under Indian arrivals. This event too works in strengthening the strong ties of relationships.

The NGC Bocas Trin fest begins on 23rd April, will go on for 9 days, till the 1st of May. This particular  event dedicated to, Adi-kavi or the first poet, Valmiki will happen on the last day i.e. 1st May from 2.00 to 3.30 at the AV Room in the National Library premises.

The organizers say the event is open to all and entry is free.