Sikh man attacked in Canada

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An Indo Canadian Sikh man  was attacked in Quebic city, Canada. This incident has been condemned by the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Supninder Singh Khehra is a 29 year old Indian citizen ,who resides in the Toronto suburb of Brampton working as a business analyst. Khehra was punched in the eye and kicked after he fell. Khehra ascribes the attack to be motivated because of his race and the turban he was wearing.

He told CTV News: “It was all because of my race, my colour and the headgear I was wearing.”
“I seriously feel depressed, I feel very bad about what happened. I’ve never experienced anything like this,” Khehra, said.
“Physically, I’m trying to recover, but mentally I’m thinking of the event more and more. I’m a bit worried about the safety of elder men and young children of our community.”

This hateful incident was publicly condemned by Trudeau, while he was at Washington, attending the Nuclear Security Summit hosted by US President Barack Obama.

Trudeau was quoted saying “We stand clearly against the kind of discrimination and intolerance that represents.”

Khehra said he was “thankful to the Prime Minister that he spoke about this issue”.

Khehra’s family and wife live in India and he withheld the information of his assault from them till it became national news. He waited to skype with his loved ones till his black eye faded away.The whole incident has been captured in video which shows men harassing khehra as he tried to ignore them.

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  • JK2020

    F’king cowards. £/4 men on one. Even then they ran to their car with the Sikh chasing them.