Ultimate do-it-yourself challenge: Video shows how Nepal earthquake survivors turn to rehabilitate themselves


Powerful earthquake hits Nepal

By  NewsGram Staff Writer

The devastating earthquake on April 25 killed over thousands of people and flattened towns and villages across central Nepal.

As estimated by media reports, about 519,000 houses have been damaged or destroyed by the quake. Several organisations, government and foreign came forward to help the survivors in resurrecting their houses and livelihoods.

However, many such destructed houses are in mountainous regions, served by few if any roads, and where aid has been slow and difficult to reach.

One such village is Barpak, where due to poor road network, the relief funds have become difficult to reach. However, the lack of aid from government and foreign organisations hasn’t deterred the spirits of the villagers.

The inhabitants of the village have taken upon themselves to rebuild their shattered homes and rehabilitate themselves.

A video shot for National Public Radio depicts the tremendous spirit of resilience of the villagers in Barpak. The quake destroyed their houses, but instead of lamenting over the past, they are trying to turn their thoughts to future.

Here is the video showing the determination of the villagers: