Vyapam Scam: Ministers, bureaucrats and judges bought seats for their kin in private medical colleges


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By NewsGram Staff Writer

New Delhi: The cash-for-jobs or Vyapam Scam which has turned the political scene in Madhya Pradesh red has now revealed the dirty side of college admissions involving ministers, bureaucrats, and judges.

The documents to be placed in the Supreme Court by whistleblowers have revealed that the children of judges and bureaucrats had bought the seats in private colleges, a news portal reported.

“The scam is not confined to government colleges alone; it extends to “paid” seats in private dental and medical colleges,” NDTV report said.

The news portal also quoted that whistleblowers will tell the court that their lives were under threat.

There have been 35-50 deaths according to various contradictory sources, while ‘over 25′ remains the official count so far. Yet, since its inception in 1970, proper exposure in 2013 and commission of SIT in 2014, many names behind it remain undisclosed.