Want to eat Truffles: Well, pay $ 11,000 per Kilo


Truffles are costlier than gold and diamond. Yes, it is true.
Want to eat this delicacy: well, the price could be as high as USD 11,000 per kilogram.

Willing to pay?

This ridiculous price has rightly earned truffle the epithet “Black Diamond of Gastronomy”.
A truffle sandwich may cost you as much as 350 dollars. Truffle paste, butter, and oil are other items made out of it.

Truffles are fungi, grow under the soil and are pleasantly flavored. But the cost means a common man can just dream about it.

Italy, France, and Spain are the main markets. In fact, Spain is considered the largest market of Black Truffles (they come as white and black).

Truffles are something that just grow underneath, ie, you do not do farming. They just grow at wild places like mushroom grow, but hunting can be difficult as they are to be searched by digging the soil. Truffle hunters do so with the help of dogs who are good at sniffing them.

Where do we find Truffles in India:

It is known as Guchchhi in India. Truffles grow in mountain states likes Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, and Darjeeling. The farmers may be able to get as much as Indian rupees 4,000 per kilogram.

Imported truffle may be available in some marketplaces, but it remains a prized possession.
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