Friday April 27, 2018
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Watch: Madhya Pradesh minister caught on camera kicking teenager


Panna (Madhya Pradesh): In a shocking incident, a Madhya Pradesh minister was caught on camera on Sunday kicking a 14-year-old boy after he allegedly begged her for some money.

Madhya Pradesh animal husbandry minister Kusum Mehdele, who was in Panna, some 400 kilometres off Bhopal on the occasion of Madhya Pradesh foundation day could be seen in the video, which has now gone viral, kicking the mendicant boy on the head as he stooped to her feet begging for some money. The minister later proceeded to board her car.

“Dena didi, ek rupya dena didi (sister please do give me one rupee),” the boy could be heard begging the minister after Mehdele as part of a cleanliness drive organised on the occasion swept the road near a bus stand.

The minister has not yet responded to the allegations against her.

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PM Modi accuses Congress of using foreign agencies to spread lies

Modi-Congress rift increases

Congress hires foreign agencies
Modi accuses Congress

The ongoing battle between the two largest Indian political parties is intensifying with each passing day. Adding to the same, PM Modi on Thursday said that Rahul Gandhi led Congress party is spreading lies about him through the foreign agencies.

While addressing BJP candidates, state office bearers and leaders of Karnataka via Narendra Modi app, he requested all not to fall prey to the lies being spread by Congress party against them. He further said that it is only possible after the end of Congress culture that political purity can be attained in India.

Blames Rahul Gandhi and Party
Modi accuses Congress

He blamed the Congress for being hesitant to talk on development and always trying to divide the society. He said, “If you analyze last few elections, you will realize how a few political parties have indulged only in dividing societies on religious lines. They give lollipops to a community before elections and then forget them.”
Modi said that this is the working strategy of Congress where they play with the emotions of communities. They act of being sympathetic towards them and then forget about them after the elections.

“They will never give account of their works. They keep indulging in dividing the society. The political purity cannot be established in the country till the Congress culture is finished from the mainstream.” he added.
Slapping Congress for spreading “rampant” lies, Modi alerted the workers not to get trapped by the opposition’s strategies.

“Congress has resorted to rampant lying after a series of defeats in elections. Earlier, the Congress used to spread lies over five to 10 issues they raised. Now out of 50 issues, 40-45 are based on lies,” the Prime Minister said.

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Modi did not stop here. He advised his karykartas to hire foreign agencies to deceive the planning of the Congress party. He said that other political parties do not talk about development while BJP fights only on issues. He added, “This was unacceptable to those parties which only concentrated on division. We govern and also fight elections based only on development model.” (IANS)


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