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A still from fil Deshdrohi. Youtube

July 28, 2017: The most iconic bad films of Bollywood may not have made good money but surely they have made us laugh. We are sure you have watched such movies at some point or the other in your life and you must admit that they were so bad that you laughed at the stupidity of such mistakes which come under the category of Bollywood movies. Sometimes even the silliest, weirdest of things seem fun when done with friends. And why should you alone go through the crazy torture of watching these movies when you can invite your best buddy to watch them with you and share the inside jokes for months to come.

After hours of thinking hard which ones should make it to the esteemed list, we have come up with these 10 bad Bollywood movies.

1. Gunda

Once upon a time, a coolie’s family gets murdered by gangsters and politicians and he decides to take revenge. This happens for the rest of the movie. Basically, there is no plot, nor any story. But, some cringe worthy scenes and acting. Not to forget the iconic Bulla!

2. Deshdrohi It has the infamous Rs. 2 man in a film which deserves to earn Rs. 2 respect. Here is our salute to the makers of the movie and the casting person who chose KRK to play the marvelous role.

3. Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon

It has Hrithik and Kareena and their career’s worst acting performance. Too much overacting! Too much makeup on Kareena Kapoor’s face, boring Abhishek Bacchan and over excited Hrithik Roshan. To top it all, New Zealand is presented as some small town in Uttar Pradesh in this film. Nightmare!

4. Rudraksh

A plot inspired by the epic Ramayana. It is filled with lots of so bad that they are good visual effects and a star cast wearing designer and so called funky clothes. Sunil Shetty is desperate for Raavan’s rudraksh, Bipasha Basu is a scientist of mad people, don’t blame us, she said this! There is Sanjay Dutt in a dharmik avatar doing pooja when he’s not giving a creepy massage to Bipasha.

5. Jaani Dushman: Ek Anokhi Kahani

This is the weirdest of all as it has two shape-shifting snakes which are unable to consummate their relationship due to a curse. So, they meet as human beings in the 21st century. This movie released much before the Naagin sagas became popular on small screen. Highlights of this movie are– a Naag-naagin dance, Sonu Nigam’s acting and Manisha Koirala’s over the top makeup make this movie a people’s favorite. And there are a lot of ‘actors’ in the movie including Akshay Kumar. And each of them is doing one disastrous thing after another!

6. Love Story 2050

India’s first chance wasted on creating a sci-fi film where the Mumbai skyline is dotted with pink and purple, has high rises, flying cars and also, sky buses. Priyanka Chopra is dancing in a concert, coz why not! She is somewhere in the middle of the sky with a horrendous red wig resting on her head. And then there’s Harman Baweja, the name is enough.

7. Drona

Firstly, why is there a movie with Abhishek Bachchan as a superhero? Who would think of taking this big a step of casting him in a superhero movie as if he’s the last actor present on the planet of Bollywood? But then, we have Priyanka who kicked more ass in the film than Abhishek. So, we are not complaining! Drona is the kind of forever reminder that no matter how bad things get, there can be no movie as bad as this one!

8. Happy New Year

A Farah Khan Disaster! There is just too much music and too many bad dancing by six characters, whose mission is to steal diamonds in order to take revenge. And somewhere between the film, there is Deepika’s sexy dance who’s playing a ‘bar dancer’ and wait as there is Boman Irani’s dancing too. And yet they managed to win a dance competition! How lame can Bollywood get?

9. Prem Aggan

How can we miss this one! This movie is symbolic of a phase in the 90s when Bollywood used innuendos, raw and explicit sexual content, in the name of romance. There’s a sanskari scene where the girl is asking the guy for some haseen dard‘. Also,‘You wanna, I wanna, You Wanna, Wanna…Exercise’ song! You would definitely want to kill yourself if you dare to watch this movie alone.

10. Himmatwala

You would need some serious himmat to finish this one. Ajay Devgan makes you laugh, just not intentionally. I don’t know if this was a parody of the original or a remake.It seems more like the latter. Who told Sajid Khan that he should make films? This is why one should think 10 times before becoming a director or else the result would be this.

– by Kritika Dua of NewsGram. Twitter @DKritika08

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