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Indian dogs are the world's healthiest and toughest dogs. Pixabay
  • Indian Dogs, mostly known as indigenous or Indian Native dogs, are the world’s healthiest and toughest dogs
  • Rajapalayam breed is a heavy boned dog that is mostly used for hunting purpose
  • Indian Spitz, the breed that looks like Pomeranian is the most adorable dog breed of India

New Delhi, August 21, 2017: Most of the time when we think of owning a dog as our precious pet, few things that come to our minds are, low-maintenance, medium size, loving, caring, protective, intelligent, active, healthy & above all loyal. And so to look out for a perfect match, we give a look to countless breeds, and end up getting more confused about to even pet a dog or not! Most of the times our expectations are not met and we end up buying a life with whim sometime later many of us realize that we are not happy and start falling out of love, because of which the poor dog suffers & dies at the end.

So to make it easy for people those who expect out a little more than something in their pet, we present you a list of the best Indian Dog Breeds that comprise of all the traits one can ever dream of! An Indian dog is usually a medium sized dog, found in many villages or in the busiest streets of the country. These dogs are mostly known as the Indigenous or Indian Native Dogs in India. These dogs are the world’s healthiest & toughest dogs.
Let’s take a look at our stars:

Indian Pariah
This breed is the aboriginal landrace. This breed is found everywhere in the whole nation. Be it mountains or beaches, you’ll never miss the sight of an Indian Pariah. This breed is one of the healthiest breeds in the world. They are least vulnerable to any disease & are best to train, even in the toughest climatic situations. And their friendly yet highly intelligent nature makes them adapt the surroundings & people very fast. It is also popularly known as Indian Pie dog, Pi dog, Pye dog, Indian Native Dog & INDog.

This dog is mostly found in the Southern region of the country, where it gets its name from. This breed is found in milky white, solid black & dark brown. Rajapalayam dog breed is a heavy boned dog that is mostly used for hunting purpose. This breed is one of the most ancient, and has been used for hunting wild boar. They are friendly & active which makes them very good family dogs. This breed is also known as Sightsound.

This breed is mostly found in the region of Tamil Nadu. Originally developed to hunt bear & other wild animals by the Indian royalties, this dog is multi-purpose working dog. This dog is almost like the Indian Pariah & has been serving as guard dog in many regions of the country. Their strong jaws, fierce temper & a tendency to be much more active makes them one of the best hunting dogs. The other name for this breed is Kombai and Indian Bear Hound.

Mudhol Hound
Mudhol Hound is a true companion, this breed has served as a companion, hunter & guard dog for both royalties & peasants. This breed is mostly found in the region of Karnataka, Maharashtra & Andhra Pradesh & is available in fawn, fallow, red, cream, black & mouse-grey. This dog is also addressed by the name of Caravan Hound, Pashmi.

Gaddi Kutta
This breed was developed from Tibetan Mastiff stock, and was developed for guarding encampments & livestock from predators. This breed is big in size, with a wide forehead & a deep bark just like a Tibetan Mastiff. This breed is on the verge of extinction due to the lack of dedicated breeders & dilution in the genes pool. This breed is mostly found in the hilly areas of the country, and is also known as Indian Gaddi & Gaddi Watchdog.

Kanni the breed is found in the Southern part of India. This breed was basically developed for hunting. Kanni means ‘unmarried girl’. There is a belief behind keeping this breed as a pet, which is that it is gifted to the newly married couple in dowry, as it is raised in the bride’s family as someone who guards & protects, and so when the daughter gets married & goes to other house, this breed is gifted to the couple, in order to guard them from any evil. This breed is mostly raised as a family dog and looks similar to Doberman pinscher.

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Chippiparai was originally developed for hunting purpose. This dog is mostly found in Tamil Nadu, & is stated imminently on the verge of extinction by experts. They require minimal meal; have great stamina with gentle temperament, fast speed & extremely keen hunting skills. This breed is also known as Tamilian Greyhound, Tamilian Sighthound or Tamil Coursing Dog.

Rampur Greyhound
Also known as North-Indian Greyhound, this breed is 24”-27” in length, deep chest, sprung ribs with a long tail slightly curved upwards. This dog is mainly found in Northern India & was developed for the purpose of wild hunting. With the help of its strong jaws, it can bring down

Kumaon Mastiff
Next on the list is Kumaon Mastiff that has got its origin from Uttarakhand, a hilly state of India. This dog is said to be aggressive and require proper training. This breed is extremely bold in nature and enjoys the personal space. They act as perfect watch dogs because their presence can actually make strangers or intruders shiver down the spine. However, it is really saddening to know that Mastiff is on the verge of extinction.

Indian Spitz
There comes the most adorable dog breed of India, the Indian Spitz. This breed looks like Pomeranian puppy but there exist some distinctive differences between both the breeds, for example, Indian Spitz are heavier and bigger than Pomeranian. Indian Spitz are quick learners and can be trained to perform various tricks. They possess the ability to hunt and often called as species of wolf.

– by a staff writer of NewsGram


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