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The Delhi Metro is Delhites' favourite way of commuting. Wikimedia Commons

Delhi Metro is the life line of Delhi. It is one of the easiest and most convenient way of transportation one can find in Delhi. It is easy and totally hassle-free.

However, it is not full proof. Delhi metro has its own share of vices, it is overcrowded, swarming with pick-pockets, and experiences technical glitches every once in a while. However, despite all the pros and cons, people love to travel in metro because it is one of the most efficient public transportation system in India.

Here is the list of 10 little known facts about Delhi Metro which sets it apart :

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has developed one of the most efficient public transportation system in the World. Wikimedia Commons

There are no Power Cuts, only Power Shifts.

What we call power cuts, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) calls them power shifts. The power lapses where lights and AC go off at certain stations are the ‘power shifts’. There are designated neutral zones or sub-stations which supply power to the train, as it can not get the required 25,000 volts from a single station.

There are no dustbins.

You might not have noticed but here are no dustbins anywhere on the stations, apart from those inside the restaurants. However, the DMRC stations and platforms still always manage to look and stay clean. This is definitely something worth being proud of.

Despite no dustbins, DMRC platforms are one of the cleanest.

The escalator at the stations have a ‘Saree Guard.’

Surprised? Here is the explanation. Delhi metro commuters are always in a hurry and DMRC knows this very well. Apart from the emergency stop button on the escalators, there is also a ‘sari guard’ feature which stops loose clothing material from getting trapped in between the escalators.

It is full of assistance for the disabled.

The yellow tiles with horizontal lines on the Delhi Metro platforms and stations are constructed in such a way that blind people can easily walk on it without any assistance. The stations are also wheelchair friendly with ramps built on every station methodically so that wheelchair bound people can roll around the station more comfortably.

Delhi Metro is disabled friendly and provides facilities for the disabled.

The DMRC Dedit Card

This one is a largely unknown fact, the DMRC and ICICI bank collaborated to launch a DMRC debit card which offers facilities like, auto recharge and gives 10 % discount on metro fare and shops at the metro stations. It also has cash back offers and reward points, this certainly makes travelling in metro a more fun experience.

The voices behind the announcements

The female voice of Delhi Metro, who announces the stations and instructions in English, is Ms. Rini Simon Khanna. And the male Hindi announcer is Mr. Shammi Narang.

Providing bicycles at a cheap rent.

Even after your de-boarding of the train, DMRC has ways of taking care of your journey. A lot of metro stations provide bicycles on rent for as low as Rs 10 for 4 hours with a valid ID proof.

Delhi Metro is very Environment Friendly.

The United Nations have certified the DMRC as the first rail-based system that gets carbon credits for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It reduces pollution levels of Delhi by approximately 630,000 tonnes per year.

Delhi Metro is almost never late. Wikimedia Commons

Delhi Metro is always on time.

The trains are said to be punctual 99.7% of the times, which is one major achievement, keeping in mind, this is India we are talking about. This punctuality is yet another example of DMRC’s methodical and systematic work settings.

The distance covered will leave you amazed.

The 200 trains of the Delhi Metro network covers a total distance of 69,000 kms every day. That is much more than the earth’s total circumference, which is only 40,075 kms.


Photo by S'well on Unsplash

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