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Besides, the B2B business model also provides limitless opportunities for business owners. Pixabay

The B2B startup trend is taking place across the globe and a number of retailers are considering to leverage the B2B market. There are countless benefits that are encouraging business owners to move to the B2B marketplace. B2B environment is exploding with the latest technologies including, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

The technologies are contributing great role in generating quick sales. With the help of artificial intelligence, business owners can better understand individual customer needs and design promotion offers accordingly. Besides, the B2B business model also provides limitless opportunities for business owners. For example, B2B marketing strategies enable organizations to expand the reach of audience.

It means that B2B business owners can easily reach all levels of markets and audiences.

B2B in the Modern Era

The technologies are contributing great role in generating quick sales. Pixabay

You don’t need any long-term industry experience to start your business-to-business website. A few technical expertise and effective marketing strategies are enough to get started.

In case, if you are not running a B2B business, still you can get advantage from B2B services to entirely transform your current business. Entrepreneurs are crazy over B2B business model, for all the right reasons. Unlike B2C, the B2B business model sells in bulk and generate higher profits.

Every business regardless of the business model finds ways to be productive and for that business needs bulk resources. Since B2B startups are a great platform to obtain all of your desired resources, therefore, here is a list of the fastest-growing B2B startups where you can find what you are looking for easily and quickly.

  • Plutora

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Plutora is one of the best B2B marketplaces for businesses who are looking for result-driven software and applications. Plutora understands customer needs and offers the best DevOps SaaS solutions that support end-to-end software deployment with complete clarity and control.

Plutora delivers software solutions faster and helps you to add value and productivity to the business. The company got a growth rate of 4500% over the last three years and won the Deloitte Fast 50 Rising Star. Also, Plutora named as the 2014 cool vendor in IT DevOps by Gartner.

  • Direct Macro

Direct Macro is one of the leading tech-focused e-retailer in The United States of America, with a global reach into more than 30 countries, including Europe and the Middle East. Founded in 2008, the company offers its millions of registered users a wide variety of latest consumer electronics, gaming products, smart home, and entertainment gadgets.

With the help of artificial intelligence, business owners can better understand individual customer needs. Pixabay

Direct Macro has ranked as one of the top online B2B stores in the USA. It’s a great place for small businesses to shop latest computers and tech gadgets with affordability.

  • Zoom Charts

For small businesses, data representation matters a lot, and Zoom Charts made it easier than ever. Zoom Charts enables businesses to create visually appealing charts for data representation.

The brand offers smart JavaScript charts, advanced visuals and other technologies that make your data look simply and inviting to the eye. Zoom Charts is a go-to platform for small ventures who want to enjoy the benefits of smart data visualization.

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  • Lead Genius

Lead Genius is an end-to-end sales solution that provides companies with a way to generate, qualify, deliver, and convert leads. Lead Genius assists both small and large businesses worldwide and lets them connect to the right customers while giving the underemployed access to new opportunities.

  • Voyat

Voyat is a guest retention platform for hotels. It is a lightweight platform that enables hotels to maintain a 1:1 relationship with guests. Voyat also enables hotels to design offers, promotions and guest loyalty rewards specific to every individual need. At Voyat, there is a strong digital link formed via Wi-Fi, between every hotel client. It ultimately makes way for the direct booking channel and also intensifies the customer lifetime value.

  • Pulsate

Pulsate is another fantastic B2B e-commerce platform that provides cloud service for managing I Beacons. Right now, pulsate is targeting retailers providing them with the opportunity to leverage apple’s location-transmitting devices (iBeacons).

  • Paubox

Emailing is an essential process for both small and large businesses, and Paubox is a great startup that helps businesses for the emailing process. Paubox links web security all together with the native processes to intensify the user experience. Paubox dedicatedly works for the healthcare industry where sensitive client information is involved.

Paubox secures every part of your emails, including subject lines. Paubox Email API makes it easy for recipients to view email notifications securely.

  • helps businesses in deploying Blockchain technology into applications and websites. is the world’s easiest Bitcoin wallet service. It offers three lines of code that can be integrated into a business website or application and easily start accepting Bitcoin.

  • Blitzen

Blitzen helps businesses to engage customers by providing companies with interactive customer surveys that receive real-time customer information. Blitzen collects wide customer information via emails. Also, the brand got featured on Product Hunt in February 2015.

  • Venue Book

Venue Book is an on-demand B2B startup. It is responsible for helping businesses in finding the best venue on short notice. Venue Book displays different event locations across the US that can be easily booked on-demand for your event hosting.

It’s a peer-to-peer based system that enables property owners to rent spaces for events. You have to book your venue in advance, a month before the event. However, Venue Book can allocate you with space as fast as a week.

B2B Startups are way Forward!

B2B startups are growing at a faster pace. If you are also operating a business and looking for any services or products for your business, then you can take help from B2B e-commerce startups.

All you need is to find which B2B store is right for you in terms of services and prices and be ready to transform your business. Keep in mind that before making a purchase, don’t just jump into the process. First, compare prices and delivery time then proceed your order.

It will save your money and time plus; you can also analyze different B2B platforms that are selling less expensive than others.



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