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Who are 10 of the Luckiest People in Human History?  

The 10 Luckiest People in History: Envious yet?

Most of us wish we could win a bike, or a little shopping spree even once. Some are lucky enough to hit a jackpot during their lifetime or receive a shared bonus. However, it seems the universe conspires against us. At times, it feels like our luck, and that of several others is combined and sent off to a select few. Picture someone getting struck by lightning twice. Not too much to envy there. How about hitting online slots and making it big? It will have you green with envy knowing some people accomplished it more than once.

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Check out ten of the luckiest people to walk the face of the earth.

  • Tsutomu Yamaguchi  

Perhaps fate had something to do with it, or his higher power wanted to prove something. Either way, this guy has enough luck for an entire population. Imagine surviving bombs in Hiroshima, walking away, then encountering the second nuclear attack a few hours later. That’s precisely what this man did in 1945. Perhaps his engineering background had something to do with it – or not!!

Who are 10 of the Luckiest People in Human History?
Known as one of the luckiest woman to walk the face of the earth, Joan Ginther has cashed out big – four times. Pinterest

  • Joan Ginther 

Known as one of the luckiest women to walk the face of the earth, she’s cashed out big – four times. Her first payout was $5.4 million, which would send anyone packing and on some island. Maybe she did buy an island after she won another $2 million ten years later, then $3 million a cool three years down the line. But she wasn’t done yet! In 2008, she hit a mega payload winning $10 million.

  • Bill Morgan  

This Australian found himself much-needed luck when he almost died from a car crash. He lucked out twice after surviving this near-death experience. Soon after leaving the hospital, Morgan bought a lottery ticket and won a car. A little while later, a reporter asked him to buy and scratch another card, only for him to win $250,000.

  • Orlando Bloom  

Some people break a finger and never engage in any physical activity again. Not this guy. The famous Lord of the Rings Star has broken ribs, an arm, his right and left leg (not at the same time though), his nose, his wrist, and yes, his back! Anyone who walks away from that many injuries, and lives to tell the tale has won enough life lotteries.

Who are 10 of the Luckiest People in Human History?
The famous Lord of the Rings Star, Orlando Bloom has broken ribs, an arm, his right and left leg (not at the same time though), his nose, his wrist, and yes, his back! Pinterest

  • Dawn and Jerzy Krolikoswki  

Win any homes lately? Well, this couple should be the happiest-luckiest people in history. But being happy is relative. The Canadian couple won houses twice, in nine years. These houses were later sold for an estimated $2.6 million.

  • Frane Selak  

Depending on how you look at it, he is either a very unlucky dude or blessed abundantly. Selak walked away from a derailed train, also survived a plane crash, and managed to live through two bus accidents. Sound like a movie shoot? Well, he also survived two car fire incidents and of course a car crash.

Depending on how you look at it, Frane Selak is either a very unlucky dude or blessed abundantly. 
Depending on how you look at it, Frane Selak is either a very unlucky dude or blessed abundantly.  Pinterest

  • Roy Sullivan  

Another twist of fate, if you can call it that, is being struck by lightning – more than once. It may be deemed quite unlucky for you to get struck by lightning seven times. Roy is extremely lucky because he walked away from it all seven times, earning him the tag-name human lightning rod.

  • Marteen de Jonge  

This professional cyclist had a choice to travel on two Malaysian flights that were doomed. His guardian angel must have been busy because one flight happens to be missing to this date. It disappeared somewhere around the Indian Ocean with no survivors. The second flight was shot down in 2014.

  • Nichiren 

A Japanese monk, he lived during the 12th century and at some point found himself at odds with the law. He was sentenced to be executed, beheaded to be exact. The executioner was struck by lightning as he proceeded to perform the deed. How about that for lucking out!

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  • Lena Pahlsson  

If you ever needed a sign that you and your spouse were meant to be, this would be it. Lena found a ring that had been misplaced, and possibly forgotten about, for 16 years! She discovered it while uprooting vegetables. It seems a carrot had grown through it and she only found it as she was picking vegetables.


We all have some form of luck, be it health, finance, or relationship related. These ladies and gents may leave you green with envy, but you may be full of luck and just don’t know it yet. Maybe your lucky streak is waiting around the corner.



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