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10 Greatest Udit Narayan Hits of All Time

Today, we have brought a list of 10 Greatest hit songs of Udit Narayan that you must listen to upgrade your playlist!

One can clearly say that Udit Narayan has dominated the male playback industry of Bollywood for a long time. Though most of his songs pertained to romanticism but this magical singer has sung all kinds of songs.

Undoubtedly, his voice has a charm that fits in with every mood~ be it jolly, nostalgic or something else!

Today, we have brought a list of 10 Greatest hit songs of Udit Narayan that you must listen to upgrade your playlist!

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Udit Narayan
One can clearly say that Udit Narayan has dominated the male playback industry of Bollywood for a long time. Pinterest

Let us start!

  1. Papa Kehte Hain Bada Naam Karega

The song “Papa Kehte Hain Bada Naam Karega” has hit the hearts of many father-son duos and this song has also been the most jolly song that brings forth an amusing and chucklesome mood all around!

  1. Pehla Nasha

“Pehla Nasha is one of the most romantic songs ever! Udit has rendered soulful and emotive base vocals in this song that portrays the euphoria associated with “First Love”. Today it has become a cult song.

  1. Mitwa

“Mitwa” is a very beautiful song from the movie “Lagaan” that brings forth the promises of love for the motherland, of freedom, of restlessness and joy. This song cannot be imagined in another singer’s voice apart from Udit’s magical voice.

  1. Kitna Chanda Jeb Mein Aaya

“Kitna Chanda Jeb Mein Aaya” is not just a song but a clarion call in the voice of Udit Narayan, as moving apart from his style of sheer romanticism he has sung a song with a strapping cause. This song is a part of newly released series “Transparency: Pardarshita” which highlights the issue of political funding.  Through this song, Udit’s voice has reflected the disappointment and anguish by common man against the system.

  1. Jaadu Teri Nazar

“Jaadu Teri Nazar” is another beautiful love song that has remarkable varying tones to build a castle of love and it indeed seeps well in mellowed softer arrangements. This song has beautiful composition and lyrics as well.

  1. Main Nikla Gaddi Leke

“Main Nikla Gaddi Leke” is one of the most happy and jolly songs that can make anyone go dancing! Udit’s voice had given it such a happy mood that the whole of this song is worth listening and enjoying!

  1. Aye Ajnabi

“Aye Ajnabi” is one of the toughest songs to sing where Udit showed his wide range & versatility and hence made singing look easier and simpler.

This iong is also one of the most beautiful composition by music maestro A.R Rahman for the movie “Dil Se”.

  1. Aaye Ho Meri Zindagi Mein

“Aaye Ho Meri Zindagi Mein” is a simple melody that required excellent and high-quality vocals to take it to heights and Udit’s effortless singing provided exactly that. This song from evergreen award winning album of all time Blockbuster~ ‘Raja Hindustani’.

  1. Ruk Ja O Dil Deewane

“Ruk Ja O Dil Deewane” is another dance groove with such fabulous music that will force anyone to sing and dance with its tune of sheer romanticism. Like always, Udit’s voice became the soul of this song which still makes it evergreen!

  1. Main Yahaan Hoon

“Main Yahaan Hoon” is from the epic musical lova saga ‘Veer Zaara’. This ever so romantic song becomes even more infectious with Udit’s mesmerizing vocals as they suited SRK’s on screen persona.

These were just some but definitely we can have many top 10 Best songs lists of the gem singer Udit Narayan.

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Udit Narayan has suung songs in various other languages including Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Odia, Nepali, Bhojpuri, Bengali. Udit is married to Deepa Narayan. He has one son Aditya Narayan, who is also a playback singer.

Listen to these melodies, and comment down for telling us which Udit Narayan song you love the most!

Written by: Kashish Rai (Twitter: @KaafyyFilmyy)







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