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10 Ways to Get Best Offers On Two Wheelers Insurance Renewals This Diwali

So, if you are renewing your bike insurance policy this Diwali, don’t forget to avail the below-mentioned offers to reduce your premiu

Diwali is a festival to celebrate with your family and friends. You also make major purchases this time of the year. However, with festivities and celebrations, expenses increase and so you look for savings and offers. Luckily, Diwali is a time when many sellers allow attractive discounts and offers, to lure customers. Even when it comes to bike insurance renewals, you get offers if you look for them. But before you go looking for offers, you should know how to renew your two wheeler insurance online. So, here’s the renewal process in brief:


  • Choose a plan based on your requirements
  • Provide your existing policy details and bike details
  • Pay the renewal premium online and the policy would be renewed instantly

If, however, the due date has expired and the policy has lapsed, renewal would be allowed only after inspection of the bike. After choosing an insurer, you should ask the company to arrange for the inspection of your bike so that you can renew your two wheeler insurance online.

Now that you know the bike insurance renewal process, here are 10 best ways in which you can get the best offers on renewals:

  1. Choose to renew online:The online marketplace allows you to renew two wheeler insurance online. The online medium is not only simple, but it also helps in saving the premium outgo when you compare
  2. Compare before renewing: There are various bike insurance plans available in the market and at the time of renewal, you can choose another plan if you like. Different plans have different coverage and premium rates. When you compare you might get a low premium rate and save on your bike insurance plan.

10 Ways to Get Best Offers On Two Wheelers Insurance Renewals This Diwali
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  1. Choose the type of policy which is most suitable for you: Comprehensive plans provide the widest coverage but the premiums are high. Third party insurance plans are cheaper with a restrictive coverage benefit. If your bike is very old or you don’t use it very often, you can switch to third-party insurance and save premium on renewing the policy.
  2. Renew the policy on time: If you want to get the best offer on your two-wheeler insurance policy you should always renew the policy in time. In time renewals give you the best offers on premiums and you can save money.
  3. Go for a voluntary deductible: Voluntary deductibles involves you paying a part of your claim and reducing the insurance company’s claim liability. When you choose a voluntary deductible you can earn premium discounts.
  4. Look for other discounts: There are other discounts on your two wheeler insurance policy as well. For instance, you can get a discount for installing safety devices, for becoming a member of recognized automobile associations, etc. Look for these discounts to get good offers on the premium rate of your policy.
  5. Use your policy’s no claim bonus: If you have not made any claim in your policy in the existing year and also previous years you have a no claim bonus in your policy. You can use the accumulated no claim bonus to get a discount on the renewal premium. You can get a discount of 20% to 50% depending on the bonus you have in your policy.

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  1. Get rid of unnecessary add-ons: Add-ons help in increasing the scope of your policy but they incur an additional premium. When renewing your bike insurance plan see if your existing plan has unnecessary add-ons which are driving up your premium. Get rid of those add-ons which are not required and reduce your premium outgo.
  2. Know the IDV of your bike insurance policy: You should be careful in picking the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of your insurance plan. Different companies offer different IDVs and you should choose the IDV which would be most suitable for your bike after considering the bike’s age.
  3. Look for value-added  services offered by the company: The insurance company also offers various value-added services with its two-wheeler insurance policies. Look for these value-added services to get something extra with your two wheeler insurance plan.

So, if you are renewing your bike insurance policy this Diwali, don’t forget to avail the above-mentioned offers to reduce your premium.



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