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108 Films Will Vie In 9th Global Sustainability Film Awards

Difficult Dialogues will also feature a segment called 'Daring Debates'

108 films based on environment and global sustainability issues from around 20 countries will vie for the forthcoming 9th annual Global Sustainability Film Awards (GSFA), which is being co-organized by the, a UK-registered charity founded by the United Nations Environment Programme, with India-based ‘Difficult Dialogues’ from November 16.

According to the organizers of Difficult Dialogues, which has annually organized provocative deliberations on diverse issues related to academics, young talent, activism, politics, and business in different parts of the country, including Goa, the GSFA and discussions related to thematic issues will be telecast online from November 16-20 on account of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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“The tve Global Sustainability Film Awards (GSFA) has made its mark for recognizing outstanding films from the business, non-profit, media, and creative sectors that inspire audiences with real-world solutions for a more sustainable future,” a statement issued by the organizers said on Saturday.

“Its significance is further enhanced in the present environmental crisis amid lack of political and social consensus to implement necessary changes, as films can be a powerful tool to raise public awareness, shift public opinion and inspire action,” the statement said.

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“There will be invigorating discussions, through Difficult Dialogues, on contemporary and futuristic solutions for the environment and global sustainability, including ‘Changing the Mindset’, ‘The Role of Innovation in Bringing About a Sustainable Future’, ‘What Will Our World Look Like in 2050’, and ‘Hidden Stories: Impact Journalism, Business and Politics of Sustainability’ by world-renowned experts,” co-organizer of the event Surina Narula, who’s also the founder of Difficult Dialogues, said in the statement.

As part of the event, Difficult Dialogues will also feature a segment called ‘Daring Debates’, in which youth from Africa, Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal, and the US will compete with each other, “thereby bringing together university students from different backgrounds, ethnicity, and countries to discourse policy ideation and formulation”. (IANS)



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