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Over 200 Singers Come Together for a Song Dedicated to Indian Citizens

More than 200 singers have joined hands for the song titled as "Jayatu Jayatu Bharatam, Vasudev Kutumbakkam"

More than 200 singers, including Asha Bhosle and Sonu Nigam, have come together to create a song titled “Jayatu Jayatu Bharatam, Vasudev Kutumbakkam”.

“‘Jayatu Jayatu Bharatam’ — the historic anthem in 14 languages is dedicated as a salutation to each and every Indian who has stood together as a family in these difficult times. The time has now come to rise above all challenges and be a part of the new ‘Jagaa Hua Bharat’ — winning over one of the biggest crises to humanity,” Asha said.

Referring to the ongoing lockdown amid the coronavirus crisis, singer S.P. Balasubrahmanyam said: “Even in these difficult times, we salute every Indian who has shown so much resilience. The nation is now emerging much stronger — the awakened India. We are sure that India will emerge stronger and this is our humble offering.”

Sonu said as part of “our duty and respect to our fans and the citizens of our country, and on their popular demand, we are now offering the ‘ISRA One Nation One Voice — Jayatu Jayatu Bharatam’ incorporating different languages of the country to match up to the vastness and diversity of India”.

Singer Sonu Nigam said as part of “our duty and respect to our fans and the citizens of our country, and on their popular demand, we are now offering the ISRA One Nation One Voice — Jayatu Jayatu Bharatam”. Wikimedia Commons

Every artiste had recorded from home during the lockdown.

“On popular demand from fans of all singers and to reflect the current situation of a strong India, we are now launching a historic song offering, which has never been done before — 200 plus singers of the country coming together for one song. This one of its kind anthem has been beautifully composed and written by ISRA members Shankar Mahadevan and Prasoon Joshi, respectively,” said Sanjay Tandon, CEO of Indian Singers Rights Association (ISRA).

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The song will be released on May 17.

“‘One Nation One voice — Jayatu Jayatu Bharatam, Vasudev Kutumbakkam’ is not just an anthem, it’s a national movement. We have over 100 broadcast, social, amplification and tech platforms supporting the launch,” said Sukrit Singh of XP&D BeLive. (IANS)



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