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Gift ideas to gift pet parents. Pixabay


No one needs another pair of fuzzy socks or a striped tie for their birthday, anniversary, or another occasion; rather, they want — and would likely cherish for years to come — a gift with a bit more sentimental value.

With an estimated 85 million U.S. households owning a pet, chances are your dog- and cat-loving friends would appreciate something straight from the heart, too. This year, give the pet parents in your circle something a bit more memorable and a lot more fun.

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Turn to items customized with the image of their beloved family pet for a gift that’s sure to please. Whether you choose to present a custom pillow or portrait featuring the family pet, or a beloved family pet from the past, it’s a thoughtful way to show you care. Here are a few ideas for inspiration.

1. Custom Pet Art

Everyone has countless photos of their favorite pet, but do they have their pet depicted through a custom portrait? If your favorite dog dad or cat mom a collection of great images and needs a new way to display them, consider combining them all into one incredible pet photo collage. Say it all with a heart collage design or go for a standard stylish arrangement.

Or, opt for a watercolor art print of your friend’s treasured pet. You can customize the print with the pet’s name for the ultimate meaningful gift in a slew of beautiful colors. Indeed, a custom watercolor print is a wonderful way to make maximum impact, while perking up your friend’s boring walls in the process.

Turn to items customized with the image of their beloved family pet for a gift. Pixabay

2. Custom Pet Silhouette

Additionally, a pet silhouette is totally on-trend, yet subtle enough to blend with any home décor. You have far more options than the typical basic black look normally associated with silhouettes. Look for a tone on tone silhouette art or custom silhouette letterpress art for a gorgeous spin on a classic.

Need a little more bling? When your friend or family member is a fan of glam, go for the gold. A gold foil custom pet silhouette print serves as the perfect attention-grabbing piece of wall art. No matter what style you choose, it’s a move they are sure to cherish.

3. Custom Pet Pillow

While you can never own too many throw pillows, you can have too many boring throw pillows. Bypass the basic, off-the-rack pillows in favor of a better gifting option: a custom pet pillow. Look to Minted for heaps of custom gifts, including pillow options sized 18-, 20-, or 24-inches.

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When you add in the image of a favorite pet, your friend’s formerly ho-hum sofa or chair will quickly become the cutest spot in the house. Decide on a photo and find a fabric or print your friend is sure to love. Help them add a personalized (and fun) touch to any room in their home with a pillow featuring their favorite four-legged pal.

Gifts from the Heart

Give the animal lover in your life a gift of memories with a custom pet portrait, pet silhouette, or pet-centered throw pillow. With so many styles from which to choose, you are sure to find the perfect present for your pet parents friends, and family members. As the number of pet owners continues to soar worldwide, these items are a gift and a conversation piece you may be able to turn to again and again. Gift the unexpected.

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