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3 Ways Online Trainings Add Value to your Learning

Apart from flaunting the skills acquired through completing one such online training, there are multiple things that you can add to your resume

Online learning has become a fruitful solution for individuals who prefer knowledge and skills over degrees. As scholars were keenly looking for affordable, accessible, engaging, and interactive learning solutions that can add value to their learning and shape their careers, online learning came for the rescue. Online trainings not only help students retain more information but open a way for interactive learning. Students not just watch videos to passively consume information but they get an equal opportunity to actively immerse into exercises, quizzes, assessment tests, industrial projects and a lot more. While online learning has become a companion for scholars, working professionals are also making huge benefits out of it. 

In the past few years, the credibility of online trainings has grown effectively. Apart from adding value and fun to traditional forms of education, online trainings support and encourage the students, provide them with the opportunities to implement their learnings, assist in professional development, and increase their chances of getting hired. 

Apart from flaunting the skills acquired through completing one such online training, there are multiple things that you can add to your resume. Some of these are mentioned below-

  • Hands-on exercises and industrial project – Online trainings usually include a lot of assignments, assessment tests, code challenges, quizzes, and exercises to make way for active learning. This ensures that apart from spending time on the audio-visual lectures, you also get an equal amount of time to experiment with what you have learnt. All of these interactive activities give you the creative freedom to implement your learning effectively. At the end of every training, you get to work on a fully-fledged industrial project that can enhance your practical understanding. The industrial projects vary as per the training. For example, you have to design an e-commerce website in web development training, design an end-to-end predictive model for a financial firm in data science training, come up with your own blog and design a complete digital marketing strategy for it in digital marketing training, and so on. 

Online, Trainings, Value
In the past few years, the credibility of online trainings has grown effectively. Pixabay

  • Placement training – Pre-placement period can become extremely stressful for students as they have little to no idea about handling interviews and presenting themselves in front of the panel. Moreover, there are times when your unsuccessful previous interview encounters daunt you more than anything. To boost confidence, it is important to learn from professionals. Fortunately, online trainings ensure that you get a complimentary placement training along with any of the training programs that you enrol into. The placement training usually trains you in resume writing, cover letter writing, email writing, and gives you important tips to stand apart from the crowd during interviews. The placement training gives you a beneficial head start for any of your future internship or job applications.
  • Training completion certificate – Certificates act as evidence of professional credibility. Training completion certificates are usually provided after you successfully complete every module and pass the final test with a minimum qualifying score. While hiring, a lot of employers usually prefer those applicants who have completed skill-based trainings from recognised platforms and have a certificate of the same. Inclusion of certificates in your portfolio clearly defines that you have invested your valuable time in learning new skills actively. Moreover, it gives a fair picture to the employers of why selecting you over other applicants who have no proven certificate course or skill would be better for them. The certificates usually have a unique number that can be used by your college authorities or future employers to verify your certification.

E-learning platforms offer huge liberty for those who aim to learn new skills at the comfort of their home. Adding up to the above-mentioned benefits, online trainings ensure that during the training, in case you face any doubts and queries, you are provided with full support through forum query. While being affordable and accessible, online trainings fulfil your aim of learning in-demand skills without sacrificing valuable time out of your college or work schedule. 

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