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Enrollments in web development training grew 230% from 2017 to 2021.

By- Sunidhi Beeliya

Internshala Trainings, the e-learning arm of Internshala, has released an exclusive report highlighting the growing popularity of web development skills among the Indian youth. As per the report, enrollments in web development training grew 230% from 2017 to 2021. The platform is also projecting an exponential increase of 3.3 times in the number of learners, willing to hone web development skills like HTML, CSS, MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, and React, by 2025.

The report suggested that 41% of the learners enrolled in the web development training with the objective of landing a successful internship or job opportunity. 25% of these students chose the training to acquire a new skill. Willingness to build their industry-level real-world project, get a valid certificate of learning and training completion, and fulfil the demand of their college authorities, were other major reasons why learners majorly opted to learn web development.

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Interestingly, participation of students from tier-III cities like Alwar, Kottayam, Udhampur, Hamirpur, and Etah was notably the highest, i.e. 48%, in web development training. This strongly signifies how learners from small towns are skilling up for offbeat, technologically driven, practice-based, and in-demand career opportunities, over the mainstream career routes. Internet penetration, availability of technology and resources, multiple affordable online learning choices, variety of courses and certifications, and flexibility to study from anywhere, are a few other major reasons that encourage learners to acquire new skills online. 30% and 22% students respectively registered from tier-I and tier-II cities in the web development training to find jobs and match up with the dynamically changing recruiter requirements.

Web Development learning The top 5 skills that ruled web development in 2021 were HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, and ReactJSUnsplash

A surge in the number of internship opportunities, generated in different web development profiles, is another reason why learners largely chose to acquire this skill. More than 35k internships were posted by recruiters during Jan-Oct’21 seeking to hire undergrad students, graduates, and freshers, skilled in web development. Out of these, 67% of the internships were work-from-home and 33% were in-office.

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As per the report, web development, full-stack development, WordPress development, Python development, and front end development were the top 5 popular profiles, within the web development domain, among recruiters. The top 5 skills that ruled web development in 2021 were HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, and ReactJS. INR 1,10,000 and INR 7,200 was the highest and average monthly stipend respectively, that was offered to interns for different web development roles on Internshala.

Addressing the platforms’ findings on web development learner and hiring trends, Sarvesh Agrawal, the founder and CEO of Internshala Trainings said, “Websites and mobile apps have become integral in today's technologically driven world which boosts the existence and usage of the internet. From savings, expenditure, and investments to entertainment, information, and exploration, websites allow access to everything on our fingertips.”

“We have witnessed a noticeable increase in the percentage of both learners willing to acquire web development skills and employers hiring for skilled freshers in the field in 2021. Owing to this, we constantly strive to update our training content, increase interactivity, provide 1:1 doubt solving Q&A forum, and give students a free internship and job preparation training. We believe that #practicemakesprogress and thus, our beginner-friendly training features quizzes, module tests, code challenges, and in-browser IDE for coding practice” he added.

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