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5 Fantastic Apps For 2020 Travel

If you’re looking for an awesome all-in-one travel app, they don’t get much better than Expedia – you can use the app to book flights, hotels, car hire and activities

With 2020 upon us, we can’t help but look back on how much things have changed in the past decade, everything is depended on Apps Now.

We’re living in a world of tech where everything from switching on your lights to paying for groceries can be done via your phone. 

And if there’s one area in particular that tech has really conquered over the past 10 years, it’s travel. 

There are new gadgets, gizmos and mobile applications popping up every week – each one billed as revolutionizing the life of the modern traveler.

Whilst we’re in tech mode, let’s take a look at five fantasticapps guaranteed to improve your 2020 travels.


  • MyTSA


MyTSA is the official app of the Transportation Security Administration, which makes it a must-have for those of you flying from the United States. 

You can use the app to confirmwhich items you can take through the security checkpoint and even check the queuewait times at the airport. 

It also provides you with infoon flight delays and weather conditions at airports, so you can stay ahead of the game during your travels. 


  • Expedia


If you’re looking for an awesome all-in-one travel app, they don’t get much better than Expedia – you can use the app to book flights, hotels, car hire and activities. 

The app is far superior to website version – you can book bundle flight and hotel packages and access mobile-only perks such as hotel discounts and double reward points.


  • Culture Trip 


Culture Trip is an essential app for travelers who like to discover the coolest experiences. It’s packed full of useful travel content created by professional writers, photographers and filmmakers from across the globe.

You can use the app to find insider recommendations from locals, so you can hit up those awesome spots that the average tourist is oblivious to.

Another great feature is the Wishlist, where you can bookmark the content and create an itinerary for your trip.


  • Rome2rio 


When you’re whizzing around an unfamiliar location, the Rome2rio app is your best friend.

Simply type an address, landmark or city and the clever app will display the best routes across train, bus, car, ferry and plane. Your search results even include an estimated cost to help you select the most economical route.

If you’re looking for an awesome all-in-one travel app, they don’t get much better than Expedia – you can use the app to book flights, hotels, car hire and activities. Wikimedia Commons


  • Waze


When you’ve spent your hard earned cash on flights, accommodation and activities, Waze is the app that ensures that you get to the airport on time and your money doesn’t go to waste. 

You can use theapp to find the quickest route to the airport – it even tells you what time to set off and can modify your route if there’s traffic, so you can get to the airport in the fastest time possible. 

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And here’s an extra tip for free – combine your Waze wisdom with pre-booked airport parking from and you’ll have a cheap and secure space waiting for you when you get there.

Install these awesome apps and look forward to some tech-tastic 2020 adventures! 

What are your favorite travel apps? Let us know in the comments section. 



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