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Khamkéo Vilaysing / Unsplash

The holidays allow us to escape from our busy lives and help us be with loved ones.

By- Tom Jay

The pandemic has afflicted the majority of us in one way or another. The discontentment of staying at home is the most prevalent. Couples, specifically, are looking for a safe and enjoyable area for their vacation and have decided to go with the top honeymoon destinations in North India.

The snow-covered mountains and rich green landscapes of Himachal Pradesh offer an adventurous but romantic getaway for couples who want the chance to be more with each other. Being with your beloved in the midst of nature is among the most satisfying feelings you can experience anywhere.

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The holidays allow us to escape from our busy lives and help us be with loved ones. Below are five of the most popular offbeat places for you to spend time with your partner by picking a perfect Shimla Manali honeymoon package.

Image of a couple on a hillside The clear blue skies and stunning mountains are some of the most breathtaking winter views. Fernando Gago / Unsplash

Solang Valley

It is distinctive in its beauty, and each year, many visitors come to the valley for the beautiful white snow. The winter season is the most beautiful, where the entire valley is covered with the stars and white, milky snow. The green emerald blooms, the clear blue skies and stunning mountains are some of the most breathtaking winter views, as much as your eyes could see. Solang is splendid.

●How to Reach:

Solang Valley is about 16 kilometres away from Manali. If you're arriving in Manali via Volvo or a similar vehicle, you can take a taxi from Manali's Manali taxi stand and get a drop off to Solang Valley.

●Doings to consider:

The trip includes visiting Rohtang Pass and hiking, snowmobiling, camping, quad biking and paragliding

●Why Choose:

There are fewer visitors and stunning views than in Manali. If you're looking to mix the flavors of Manali but prefer to stay far from the hustle and bustle, it makes more sense for the couple to go to Solang Valley.

Spiti Valley

Spiti is a gorgeous entrance to those who want to be awestruck by the beauty of nature nestled in a captivating landscape of stunning beauty. Spiti attracts thousands of tourists every year because of its exquisite beauty and beautiful surroundings. Spiti is bordered on its north side by Ladakh and the east by Tibet and its south by Kinnaur and to the northern part by Kullu valley. It's one of the most romantic spots for couples who want to be in a private space along with adventure, natural beauty of laps and enjoying the weather in general. Let's find out more vital information on Spiti valley.

●How to Reach

Spiti Valley is accessible via the highway Shimla-Kinnaur as this road is better for acclimatization.

●Things to do

Cycling, riding, hiking and rafting, sightseeing, trekking, exploring the local Buddhist monastery and lake.

●Why Choose

The ideal location for couples seeking an adventure-filled honeymoon. It is the best place to choose for couples who want to visit the valley area. It can be exhausting due to the altitude. The higher altitudes have stunning scenery and views.

Image of a couple on a beach It's one of the most romantic spots for couples who want to be in a private space along with adventure. Rayyu Maldives / Unsplash

Chindi-Karsog Valley

Chindi-Karsog Valley is among the more remote but beautiful valleys in Himachal Pradesh; It is one of the ideal places for couples who want to connect while taking in the stunning sights, temples, farms and scenery of the region. This location is from Mahabharat, which makes it more historical and thrilling for couples to explore the surroundings that is one of the oldest civilizations found in India.

●How to Reach

You can reach the area through the Volvo bus from either Shimla or Mandi and then taxis up to the Karsog Valley region in Chindi. If you own a car, then you could choose to drive from Shimla returning from Mandi. Mandi side.

●Things to do

Nature walks and hikes and relaxes along the shores of the Satluj river.

●Why Choose

Nature, solitude and time spent getting to get to know each other better and develop a stronger feeling of connection with your best half.

Tirthan Valley

Tirthan Valley is among the most famous places within Himachal Pradesh for experiencing a stunning landscape and bone-chilling waters flowing down stony rivers. The valley is lovely and lets you see beautiful rainbows or brown trout swimming in the cold streams. This valley is known for the trout fishery, hiking as well as other unique activities. Beautiful guest rooms situated on the stunning Himalayan with mountain ranges covered in snow with a view of the Tirthan River.

●How to Reach

You can access Tirthan valley by either Mandi the Mandi Kullu or Shimla to the Narkanda side, which is most feasible for you.

●Things to do

A perfect time for fishing, exploring nature and close walks along the river Tirthan. Also see Kirloskar Lake and Jalori Pass on your visit.

●Why Choose

You will experience Nature, isolation, and a more unified feeling. An excellent walkthrough as well as around Great Himalayan National Park.

Image of a couple running on a field Located in the middle of forests and thick woods it is one of the most beautiful places. sept commercial / Unsplash


Narkanda is situated on a ridge that forms the lake's final shore before the Himalayas. This gives Narkanda its breathtaking views of snow-covered peaks. The Sutlej valley lies beneath Narkanda, and the snow mountain lies just beyond it. The city of Narkanda is situated along the shoreline that runs between the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea.

●How to Reach

Roadways, airports as well as trains are in the same area about a mile from Narkanda. You can choose to take a train or a car from Shimla, and in the event of an emergency flight, they can take Jubbarhatti, which is situated 85 km from Narkanda.

●Things to do

Take a step up to the Hatu summit or ski down the hills. Take a break and picnic near the Lake Tannu Jubbar and enjoy the fresh apples.

●Why Choose

Couples will want to visit Narkanda, located in the middle of forests and thick woods and is one of the most beautiful places you can stay within Himachal during winter. The famous winter resort is famous for its winter ski slopes, making the holiday exciting and relaxing.

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