5 Career Opportunities In Diverse Industries For French-Language Experts

french language
Career opportunities for French learners. Pixabay

By Sunidhi Beeliya

Knowledge of a foreign language in this age of globalization helps boost one’s confidence, deepens their cultural connections, broadens their perspective, and provides immense career choices. French is one of the most popular foreign languages spoken across continents and is also one of the official languages of various international institutions. Around 45% of the modern English words are of French origin which makes it easier for English speakers to learn, practice, and speak French.

Proficiency in speaking French is a desirable professional skill that could help individuals find lucrative job opportunities globally in MNCs, BPOs, embassies, education industry, travel and tourism industry, hospitality, import and export businesses, and so on. Here are 5 interesting job roles that one could choose from, after skilling up through certified French language training online.

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  1. Translator or interpreter –

Translators usually work in 2 or more languages and express written documents like newsletters, articles, press releases, textbooks, and instruction manuals from one language to another. An interpreter’s job is similar to a translator. They are most commonly required in courtrooms or conferences where they decode one spoken language into another.

Individuals with a strong command of two or more languages such as French and English can find reputed jobs with government bodies, or can also work in meeting rooms, courts, hospitals, education institutions, and MNCs. Translators can also enjoy working with multiple clients as freelancers remotely.

french language
Translators are most commonly required in courtrooms or conferences where they decode one spoken language into another. Pixabay
  1. Flight attendant –

Flight attendants work on the airlines and ensure the comfort and safety of passengers during the flight. They conduct safety checks, assist and give instructions to passengers, prepare and serve food and drinks, monitor and manage the flight, cooperate with fellow workers, give special attention to specially-abled people, and prepare and submit reports related to any flight incident to the authorities. As a flight attendant’s job is purely communication-based, knowledge of a foreign language like French makes them suitable for jobs both in domestic and international flights.

Multilingual flight attendants could not only address passengers’ issues in a better way but can also build unity, set a clear structure of communication, and drive teamwork among their coworkers coming from different cultural backgrounds. Other than a flight attendant, French experts can also take up roles like airline administrative support, avionics technicians, sales representative, station agents, ticket agents, flight instructors, and crew schedule coordinators.

  1. Educator –

Professionally certified and fluent French speakers can work as teachers and help the young generation shape their careers. Being an expert in French does not signify that one would only work as a language teacher. The education sector employs language experts for diverse roles like education consultant, homeschool consultant, standardized test developer, curriculum designer, instructional designer, child psychologist, corporate trainer, career counselor, and administration (vice-principal, principal, superintendent, etc.).

Proficient French-speaking teachers can work in public or private schools, public or private universities, vocational training institutes, distance education institutes, and online training centers – full time, part-time, or freelance.

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  1. Tour guide –

french language
Tour guides help visitors find the right stay, get the best food, explore local markets, eateries, and many other facilities. Pixabay

A tour guide accompanies domestic or international visitors to historic sites, tourist attractions, and other parts of a place on a single day or long tour. They help visitors find the right stay, get the best food, explore local markets, eateries, get the best budget deals, meet new people, and give them important information and insights about the place to help them fulfill their purpose of traveling. Knowledge of multiple languages is an in-demand skill for tour guides as their profession requires meeting and communicating with tourists from all over the world.

French experts can work as tourist guides in various countries where they would work on conducting research and planning tours, creating and delivering presentations, coming up with site-seeing ideas and advice, managing and leading excursions, solving visitors’ issues, translating and interpreting, and accompanying and safely transporting the tourists.

  1. Hospitality Executive –

Hospitality executives work in hotels and motels, resorts, cottages, camps and RV (recreation vehicle) parks, and other eating, drinking, and lodging places. They usually communicate directly or indirectly with the customers, help them with lodging and exiting formalities, and take care of their requirements, safety, and comfort during the stay.

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Individuals expert in a foreign language like French can find lucrative job opportunities with international resorts and renowned hotels where they work closely with their fellow colleagues to provide the best in class services to customers from different countries and backgrounds.

There are various other roles that a French expert can fit in like in the hospitality industry, including event planner and manager, meeting specialist, food and beverage manager, back office assistant/manager, sales and marketing executive, shift leader, maintenance supervisor, and so on.

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