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Irregular power supply or frequent power cuts are prevalent across India- be it the urban areas or the small villages. Such situations can be challenging to manage daily chores, making a power backup system crucial for homes. An inverter is an ideal choice for your home, as it offers an uninterruptable power supply to run equipment during such a failure.

Today, many inverters are available in the market. You can buy the best inverter based on your power backup needs. There are certain factors that you should keep in mind while buying an inverter, like battery type, battery capacity; it is essential to choose a quality product. Reliable brands like Luminous offer a vast selection on their website that allows you to check inverter prices online from the comfort of your home; they offer the best inverters created using the latest technology.

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An inverter comes to your rescue when you face power fluctuation at home. It supplies an adequate amount of electricity to your home appliances. It is essential to understand the power requirements of your home to choose an inverter. These requirements vary from home to home. In addition to checking the inverter price online, some other key factors are involved in the selection.

We have enlisted such factors that will help you to select the best inverter for your home-

  1. Power Requirement

You should know the power requirements of your home, as it is one of the critical factors for choosing an inverter that is best for you. Calculate the daily usage of your electrical appliances and equipment which you want to run during a power failure. It may include your kitchen equipment, fan, CFL/LED lights, television, and tube lights. Your total power requirement will be the sum of power consumed by all equipment at home. This is peak load. Now, mostly all the devices would not be running simultaneously whenever there is a power cut, figure out the devices that you would want to simultaneously run during a power outage, this value gives an average running load.

You should know the power requirements of your home. Amazon

  1. Inverter Capacity

Once you have calculated the peak load and the average running load in watts, convert it into VA. The capacity of a home inverter typically ranges between 600VA to 1500VA. To know your VA output, you can divide the average running load with the power factor. Power factor can be defined as the efficiency of an inverter operating at 0.8 pf.

It is advisable to purchase your inverter with a higher VA rating to keep a larger room for expansion in load subsequently.

  1. Battery Type and Capacity

A battery is the heart of your inverter. The life and performance of your inverter will depend upon the quality and type of battery you choose. The battery of your inverter is responsible for providing power backup, which is expressed in Ah (Ampere Hours). Battery capacity ranging between 80 Ah to 220 Ah is required for homes depending upon the time for which the backup is required. There are 3 types of batteries available Flat plate, tubular, and SMF. Flat plate batteries are more affordable, tubular batteries have a longer life and better efficiency whereas SMF batteries don’t require maintenance.

It is advisable to invest in pure sine wave inverters for better performance. Amazon

  1. Inverter Output

The output of your inverter differs for a pure sine wave, quasi sine wave, and square wave. You should know which type of waveform has to get optimum efficiency. It is advisable to invest in a pure sine wave inverter for better performance of your home appliances like washing machine, refrigerator, AC, kitchen appliances, and TV. If you want to run light electrical equipment at home, like fans and lights, you can opt for a square wave inverter. Sine wave inverters supply grid-like power to home appliances whenever there is a power failure and are a little expensive than similar rated square wave inverter. Reputable brands like Luminous provide a range of the best inverters in all waveforms to cater to your needs.

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  1. Features

With technological advancements, the inverter got an upgrade too. From smart inverters, which can be connected to smartphones via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology to advanced digital display which shows the real-time information of backup time and battery charging time, it has improved a lot. There are security features like the Input MCB, which protect against short circuit and Mains bypass switch which helps to bypass inverter if there is a fault in inverter without charging the wiring connections. Choose the inverter which is best suited for your needs.

Choose the Best Inverter for Home

It is important to consider these factors while buying an inverter for your home. While purchasing an inverter for your home, prefer reliable brands like Luminous that offer a range of inverters with the latest technology. Besides checking the price online, you can explore their collection of a sine wave and square wave as per your need.

(Disclaimer: The article is sponsored, and hence promotes some commercial links.)


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