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Best 5 Festive Season Renovation Ideas For Your Home

Festive season is round the corner, so try out these interesting home renovation ideas shared by Lokendra Ranawat, founder and CEO, WoodenStreet

Festive season is round the corner. So try out these interesting home renovation ideas shared by Lokendra Ranawat, founder and Chief Executive Officer of WoodenStreet, to add that extra zing to your living space this year.

Wingback chair: Create a first impression. Begin with your living room as it often showcases the “character” of the house. Make it grand by implementing the idea of adding a wingback chair.

One can blindly opt for a Joan wingback chair. High backrest, comfortable wings and elegant crisp design, Joan is one complete balletic package! It’s an amazing yet steal-worthy way to change the vibes of a living room.

Coffee table: Spruce up the focal point. You want to get a festive feel but at the same time don’t want to spend too much? A simple way to do that is to just upgrade your centre table. Make this spot a centre of attraction by incorporating Naoshi coffee table. It is space-savvy and durable. Crafted in solid wood, this can be a flawless beauty of your living room.

Bookshelves: This piece of furniture not only provides space to keep your books but also adds elegance and style to a room. So this festive season, you can go innovative by renovating your reading corner with the help of a bookshelf. Cagney Bookshelves can be the charm of any nook. An alternative box pattern is the statement feature of this bookshelf. With five different blocks, it can hold quite a good amount of your favourite reads.

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RIght mirror placement brings prosperity in lives. Wikimedia Commons

Curtains: Even little things matter. When renovating your home, it’s wise to consider the windows and doors. The idea of changing the drapes is one of the most refreshing things you will do for your home. It will tie the entire look of a home. Scarlet Blue Door Curtain is a perfect combination of beauty and quality to hang in your room.

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Bohemian Mirror Frames: Festival is all about decorating. The best way to do this is adding a fascinating mirror collage to your home. Bohemian Mirror Collage will accentuate the surroundings in no time! The spectrum of colours can be seen in this mirror collage. Featuring artistic tiles, it will surely create the striking contrast to bare walls. (IANS)



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