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5 Sunglasses Flaunted by Celebrities That are Worth Trying

You must pick your sunglasses from a reliable and well-known brand such as Titan EyePlus that offer a wide selection of sunglasses with polarized, powered and UV protected lenses

While you do not need those dark sunglasses to avoid paparazzi flashes at the airport, you can still use them to add the ‘Who is that guy?’ update and amp your outfit. Take inspiration from celebrities who do it better. We have our eyes trained on the go-to travel sunnies of the Bollywood fashion circle. After all, nothing rounds off trying these sunglasses that are flaunted by celebrities. Getting a pair of these best sunglasses for men are a must-have in every wardrobe. Take a look at different sunglasses that have been sported by our favourite celebs below:


Black Aviator Pilots Titan Men Sunglasses.

Akshay Kumar is a Bollywood superstar who is no stranger to being seen with a pair of sunglasses on his face. The classic aviators are Akshay’s preferred style. Ray-Ban aviators are his favourite choice of brand. Aviator style sunglasses go well with any face type and also can be worn with any outfit. There is no wrong or right way to carry off a pair of aviator sunglasses. So, this summer, get these aviators to both – protect your eyes and stay in style!


Silver Rectangle Rayban Men Sunglasses.

One of Bollywood’s biggest stars, Shah Rukh Khan, has often made public appearances in a pair of the most stylish sunglasses. In both his real and reel life, he carries different variants of the timeless aviators perfectly. This classic aviator suits all face types, and no matter how you pull off the aviator look, it is all trendy. Deciding which shades are the best sunglasses for men can be confusing, but one can never go wrong with a pair of rectangle aviators.



Black Rectangle Rayban Men Sunglasses.

It is rare to find Saif Ali Khan not wearing a pair of expensive sunglasses. Be it aviators, wayfarers or clubmasters, he has worn them all. So, if you are a fan of Saif or his classy and royal style quotient, a pair of clubmaster sunglasses is an ideal choice. You can be both minimal yet authoritative with these sunglasses. The best sunglasses for men are those that have a statement-making appeal and a relaxed fit. Great to pair with both casual outfits and office look, add these to your shopping list at the earlist.


Black Square Titan Men Sunglasses.

Bollywood’s rising star is a huge fan of sporting eyewear with his clothes. Wayfarer style sunglasses are his favourites. Perfect for summer, this pair of shades can be teamed with any casual outfit for a fun day out with your friends. Protect your eyes from the glares of the sun with comfort and make a fashion statement along with it. After all, there is a reason wayfarers are known as the best sunglasses for men!


Black Rectangle Rayban Men Sunglasses.

Ranveer Singh is one of Bollywood’s most famous stars, and he likes to experiment with fashion. He wears different types of sunglasses to accessorize his extravagant outfits and sets trends instantly. Rectangle sunglasses add a modern contemporary twist to any outfit. So, when you are looking for the best sunglasses for men, experiment with different shapes and colours available to revamp your overall get up!

Style With The Best Sunglasses For Men

Sunglasses are a must-have accessory in every wardrobe. Not only do sunglasses accentuate your look, but they also provide essential protection to eyes, especially during summers. Choosing amongst the different brands and styles can be quiet a task for which there are now visual trials available that will help you pick the best sunglasses for men.

You must pick your sunglasses from a reliable and well-known brand such as Titan EyePlus that offer a wide selection of sunglasses with polarized, powered and UV protected lenses. They offer an extensive portfolio of high-end brands like Oakley, RayBan and Vogue, and also provide excellent after-sales service.

So, this summer, bring style and care together, and look no less than a celebrity!





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