5 Things To Double-Check Before Leaving The Showroom With Your New Car

According to the Motor Tariff 2002, every Indian vehicle is required to have a legitimate insurance cover

new car
There are certain compulsions as well as necessities, which you need to ensure before taking your new car on the streets. Pixabay

A new car is more than just another purchase. For many, it is an asset to be bought which they were planning for years. A good deal of one’s income has to be spent on a new car and why not? In India, a car is not just a vehicle or a personal medium to travel but also a status of luxury.

However, purchasing a car is not everything. There are certain compulsions as well as necessities, which you need to ensure before taking the car on the streets. One such thing is car insurance. According to the Motor Tariff 2002, every Indian vehicle is required to have a legitimate insurance cover. As important as it is to have a driving license, so it is to have an insurance cover. Finding the best car insurance in India may be a tricky thing.

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If you happened to have bought a new car, it is likely that the dealer you bought it from will go through in availing the insurance policy of the car. If this is the case, you will do well to keep in mind to double-check some important things before leaving the showroom with your new car. On the other hand, if you have not purchased an insurance policy yet, get the best car insurance in India by Turtlemint.

Things To Keep In Mind

Whether you have taken the initiative of having the insurance cover by yourself or whether the dealer has done it for you, either way, you should keep in mind the following suggestions:

new car
You should always check for the insurance of your new car.

Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority

Before subscribing to the car insurance policy, try learning more about the insurance company you are buying the policy from. Learning about the background of the company along with its working status and the year since which it is operating can suggest a lot about the policy you are taking. The most important thing to correspond is to see if the insurance company is licensed with IRDA. Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority is an autonomous statutory body which has been given the task of promoting and regulating insurance companies in India. All insurance companies are bound to be licensed with the IRDA. The IRDA authorized insurance companies are considered to be genuine.

Authenticating The Details

It is highly recommended to correspond the policy details with the car you have bought. The car’s model number, registration number, year of registration etc. should be matched so as to avoid any error. This will establish the fact that the policy is specifically for your car. In addition to this, double-check the policy wordings so as to know the coverage extent properly. If you are facing any issue, just do not purchase the insurance right there. Drive your car home and do a fair bit of research before finalising an insurance policy for your newly purchased car.

Talk To The Insurance Company

After having subscribed to the policy which the dealer handed over to you, crosscheck it by calling the insurance company. This will double-sure you about your car policy. Also, you can learn more about your insurance cover by talking to the insurance executive.

Use Payment Link

The best way of paying the premium for your insurance would be through the payment link which is sent to you by the insurance company. Clicking on it would open the portal of payment and you can directly log in to the official insurance company profile and thereby process the payment. This will also help you in learning more about your insurance from the website.

Check The Email

The insurance company will send you an email regarding your car insurance cover. This soft copy document will serve as a durable proof. Before leaving the showroom, make sure you have received the mail. If you have not received the mail, contact the insurance company and ask for the mail to be sent as soon as possible.

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Following these suggestions will help you in getting a thorough idea about the insurance cover of your car. The details about the insurance premium will also be given in the car insurance policy document.

Premium For Insurance

With every insurance comes the  necessity of paying premiums. There are certain factors which affect the insurance premium. Let us look at them:

  • Where you are purchasing the car from affects the rates of insurance and therefore the premium as well.
  • Insured Declared Value or IDV is the maximum amount you can get from your insurance company for the loss or theft of your car. This also determines the insurance premium.
  • Cars with rare motor parts will have a higher premium than those whose parts are manufactured in a larger number.
  • Geographical location, engine capacity, type of insurance cover and add-ons also affect the premium amount.
new car
A new car is more than just another purchase. Pixabay

Keeping these factors in mind will help you assess various insurance policies in picking the best one for your car.

What Else To Look For?

Apart from the insurance-related aspects, it is also advised to look at the physical aspects of the car. You should thoroughly look at these things at least once before taking your purchased car out of the showroom:

  • The exterior of the car should be checked thoroughly. If you find any scratch or dent or any part is even a bit out of proportion, tell your dealer to fix it. If everything is alright, you can go for an insurance cover for your car.
  • Generally, the car insurance policy does not cover the seats or their covers. So once you have bought it, you may have a hard time getting them fixed without payment. Therefore, it is recommended to check the seat properly.

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  • Same is the case with floor carpets. You do not generally get the insurance cover for floor carpets. So better check them before buying the car.
  • Check the lights of the car. If the light is defective, it may create a mishap. An accident caused due to defective lights may or may not come under insurance cover. So it is better not to take the risk. Inspect the lights properly before leaving the showroom.
  • Ignition of the car is the most important thing to be checked thoroughly. Try looking if there is an odd sound coming from the vehicle. If not, you are free to drive your car home.

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As it turns out, buying a new car also means having a good deal of familiarity with car insurance. Since buying a car is equal to fulfilling one of your dreams, it is important for you to take the step regarding the security of your investment in it.

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