Thinking of staying in and cooking a romantic dinner for two on your next date, but have no time to do all the meal prep? With healthy meal prep delivery services, you don’t have to spend an ounce of energy on meal preparation.  But as with anything on the internet, there are many meal prep delivery services available today. That’s why we’ve rounded up an array of things to look for while choosing one.

  • Healthy and Freshly Prepared Meals or Ingredients

If you had enough time to handle the entire cooking process yourself, you would use healthy and freshly prepared ingredients. This should remain so even if you are utilizing the services of a meal prep company. In that light, if a company offers frozen meals, you should run! You don’t know how long those frozen meals have been sitting in the freezer.

Also, keep in mind — the ingredients might be freshly prepared but not healthy. To get the best, look for a company that offers locally sourced, healthy, and whole ingredients.

Customization of your meal for your date night is a great idea. Pixabay
  • Variety

For a special night, you want to treat your partner’s taste buds to a meal he/she has never eaten before, or one that he/she has not eaten for a long time, but loves. In that breath, another feature to look for in a healthy meal prep delivery service is variety. You want a service that offers you an array of well-rounded ingredients and meal options. This is especially essential if you or your partner follow a particular diet, for instance, a keto or vegan diet.

  • Customization and Flexibility

While a company that offers variety is excellent, it’s also essential that it provides custom options for what you put on your table. This way, you can customize the menu and get the meal prep done precisely how you envisioned it for your special night.

Customization is particularly essential if you are planning on working with this company in the long run. Why? Once you sign up for a particular meal prep plan, some providers usually expect you to stick to it till the end of the subscription.

This is not ideal as you may want to make changes at some point. For instance, if you start working out, you may want to tweak the plan so you can remove or include healthy options. Therefore, look for a company that’s flexible enough to allow you to build your plan.

  • Friendly Packaging

Look for a healthy meal prep delivery that ticks all the above boxes and at the same time delivers in microwave-friendly packaging. You also want a company that understands the essence of sustainability and as such uses packaging that’s friendly for you and Mother Nature.

  • Customer Services

What happens when the wrong order is delivered to you? Will your provider work on rectifying the situation, or will they try to blame it on you? What if it takes longer than expected or you need another delivery done urgently?

For a special night like Valentine, you want to treat your spouse’s taste buds to a meal he/she has never eaten before, or one that he/she has not eaten for a long time, but loves. Pixabay

The answer to these questions depends on the efficiency of the provider’s customer services. Make sure you do due diligence by checking out testimonials to see what other clients have to say.

  • Cost

Lastly, it would be best if you also considered the cost. The provider you’ve been reviewing might have ticked all the above boxes, but if you can’t afford it, their services will be of no good to you. You also want a company that offers you value for your money.

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The idea of staying in on date night and enjoying a candlelit dinner that you and your partner prepared together while you sip on champagne is pretty romantic. However, between work and being stuck in traffic for hours, you may not get enough time to handle the entire cooking process, and that’s pretty okay. With healthy meal prep delivery services, you and your significant other can still enjoy that homemade dinner this date night.

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