6 Ways To Empower Women Across The World

There is a need to empower and encourage women for a better tomorrow

empower women
Empowering women across the World. Pixabay

By Anil Kumar

There are certain arguments that women have progressed when talking of empowerment. However, there is still a road ahead and there is still much scope for improvement. For sustainable development, nations must take note of critical problems that run deep in our society such as women’s economic empowerment and gender equality. There is a need to empower and encourage women for a better tomorrow. In this piece, we will discuss six effective ways that will help women all over the world to break all the barriers and achieve the opportunities that they deserve.

  • Increasing women participation in global leadership programs 

We have seen senior women challenging conventional beliefs and wisdom in their approach. According to some research, the most attractive as well as a powerful symbol of women leaders rests in the hope that these women will bring effective changes. Every time a woman is chosen as the ‘first senior leader’ for instance says the first CEO, president, Vice President, or Prime minister people start to believe that more substantive changes could happen.

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  • Empowering the entrepreneurs in the developing nations

MSEs or Micro and Small Business enterprises have improved the decision making in the community as well as the household. This is done to empower women. 

MSEs have notably strengthened the bargaining power of women in the decision making on crucial matters such as the family resource access to control and household resources’ expenditure and income allocation.

empower women
Giving business skill training to women can potentially give long term advantages. Pixabay
  • Giving business skill training to women

According to research conducted by Cooperation Vietnam Women’s Union and Peace Trees, it was noted that giving business training to women can improve their performance in the micro-enterprises, trust, success rate, and the perception of women as entrepreneurs.

Giving business skill training to women can potentially give long term advantages that will not only help sustain the business but also in establishing new ones. This step if implemented properly can benefit women across the globe.

  • Encouraging women to take up more apprenticeship roles

There is a need to improve the participation of females in apprenticeship roles especially in those industries that are dominated by men. Moreover, improving women’s participation in this field can bring positive changes for women. To achieve these changes women and girls should be supported through a network of mentors along with women-friendly workspaces. By implementing these changes more and more women will come out to participate, it will also improve the confidence in women.

  • Supporting women and girls who are in crisis

Millions of women across the world are suffering from the socials evils of child abuse, child marriage, abuse, and much more. There is a need to protect and support the women and girls in crisis by counseling, education, small business loans, medical facilities, awareness, and various other programs for women and girls. This will help in ending the cycle of violence based on gender.

empower women
There is a need to protect and support the women and girls in crisis. Pixabay
  • Creating a safe space for women

Many countries in the world, especially developing countries like India and Nepal have no specific place where they can gather and talk about key issues such as gender equality, health, or women’s rights. It is important to build such centers where women can freely discuss the problems they face or could face. It is also essential to building more and more female-friendly workspaces to improve the participation of women in economic and national development.

Why is women’s empowerment important?

Women contribute significantly to economic as well as national development. In one of the popular quotes of Eleanor Roosevelt, she writes that “A woman is like a teabag, you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.”

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 It is evident from various surveys and studies that higher female earnings are associated with better education of her children and improved family health. Helping women achieve economic empowerment is important to remove some deep-rooted issues such as poverty and gender inequality.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous ways by which we can empower women other than what’s already mentioned earlier. To keep up with the advancing world it is the appropriate time to break all the barriers in the way of women empowerment and to explore various programs to advocate equal opportunities to women and also promote financial inclusivity across the world. 

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