64 Percent Americans support same-sex marriage and say it should be legalised: Poll

LGBT rally, Wikimedia

Washington, May 16, 2017: Sixty-four per cent of Americans support same-sex marriage and say it should be legalised, according to a new poll.

The results in the Gallup poll released on Monday showed a 3 per cent increase since last year and the most support for gay marriage since the US-based research organisation began tracking the issue in 1996, when just 27 per cent backed it, Politico news reported.

Democrats (74 percent) and independents (71 percent) have been most accepting of legalising same-sex marriages, with support among Democrats reaching a majority in 2004, followed by a majority among independents in 2007.

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Forty-seven per cent of Republicans support legalising same-sex marriage, the highest ever mark from the party.

The Supreme Court in June 2015 legalised gay marriage nationwide in a landmark 5-4 ruling that said the Constitution bars states from denying marriage licenses to same-sex couples, reports Politico news.

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While some may still have objections to same-sex unions over moral or religious grounds despite the Supreme Court ruling, Americans are more accepting of same-sex relations, with 72 per cent of respondents saying it should be legal.

The survey of 1,011 adults was conducted May 3 to 7 via landline and cellphones. (IANS)

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