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Perfect time to prepare everything special for your loved ones. Pixabay

By Jessica Speight

Christmas is just around the corner. This is the perfect time to prepare everything for this special season, and that includes racking your brain to come up with fantastic ideas for your Christmas date. This occasion only happens once a year, so you don’t want to mess up and miss the chance to create wonderful memories with your significant other.

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Now that we have several restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make your Christmas date extra special. There are many ways for you to transform your holiday night into an unforgettable event together with your partner.

Spend the night in a cabin

Want to get intimate? Then renting a cabin is one of the best options you can go for. Inside a cabin, you can do a lot of fun and thrilling activities with your loved one. It’s just the two of you in an enclosed area, and this is the perfect opportunity to get closer than before. You can cuddle, have serious talks about life, and anything you can think of!

Have a movie marathon

Nothing beats the classic movie marathon if going to public places is limited or not possible at all. You can enjoy each other’s company while having your favorite snacks and going through your movie playlist. Unlike in theaters, the atmosphere is personal and unique. This makes your watching experience more special.

Plan for a movie marathon with snacks and other things. Pixabay

Make your own snack and dinner

Enjoying the Christmas feast with your significant is priceless, but preparing it together is simply too special. You’ll be able to appreciate the food better if both of you exerted the effort to make the feast possible. It serves as a milestone in your relationship and important memories shared together.

Host entertaining Christmas games

There are countless exhilarating games that you can do even if you’re stuck inside your home during Christmas. Exchanging gifts, stocking guessing, poker, and many other activities that can make your bond stronger.

Play in the ice

During the Christmas season, there are various activities that you can do exclusively during this time of the year. Of course, playing in the snow is one of these activities. Take advantage of this moment to do snowball fights, skiing, sliding, and many other fun games with your loved ones by taking advantage of the winter season.

Conduct a Christmas-themed photoshoot

So, what’s special about taking photos? Of course, aside from having a record of your happy moments, having photoshoots help you get closer together. You can think of wacky or sweet posing you can do in front of the camera. Get ready to have a sweet kiss under the mistletoe during the night!

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Walk around and have fun

By strolling around the town that is filled with snow and twinkling lights, you can completely feel the magic of Christmas. While quarantine measures are still in place, traveling is limited, and things are not yet back to normal.

Even if you can’t go to another place to celebrate, you can take your partner to the nearest park or simply look at the glittering lights from your neighbors’ Christmas decorations to enjoy your Christmas date. Sometimes, doing a simple thing or doing nothing is the best.

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