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Siamese is one of the most popular Cat breeds in India. Pixabay

Are you considering adopting a cat? Well, that is a good idea. Cats can be great companions. Besides being affectionate, intelligent and self-sufficient, cats are quiet creatures compared to dogs, do not smell, and require low maintenance. They have a lifespan of around 20 years, and like any other pet, they too become a part of your family over time. Let’s look at 7 Popular Cat Breeds found in India.

Himalayan Cat

A Himalayan Cat/Pixabay

One of the most popular cat breeds, Himalayan cat have fluffy hair and beautiful blue eyes. They generally possess a white body, but are also found to have other colours including brown, cream and red. They are also known as Colourpoint Persian.

Mumbai Cat

An Asian breed tracing their roots to the black cats, Mumbai Cats have captivating golden eyes, and appealing black body. There are two varieties found in the Mumbai cats- British and American Bombay.

Siamese Cat

A Siamese Cat/Pixabay

One of the popular cat breeds in South Asia, Siamese cats track their origins to Shanghai, where they are believed to be first domesticated. They are medium sized felines featuring slender legs, oval paws and triangular hind legs. They have an athletic body and generally posses a brownish cream body.

Maine Coon

The oldest cat breed of the world, Maybe Coons are one of the most suitable to adopt. They are quite adaptive by nature and have non-fussy behaviour. They are well behaved and display friendly attitude.


A Persian Cat/Pixabay

Being very attractive, the Persian breed cats are commonly featured in Hollywood films. They possess white long hair and twinkling eyes. They are one of the most popular cat breeds in France and US, but the demand of this breed is increasing in India as well. However, these cats are little fussy by nature necessitating owner’s attention and proper grooming.

The American Bobtail

As the name suggests, these cats have extremely adorable bobtails, the length of which is one-third of their body length. They have a sturdy body enshrouded with shiny coats and long hair. They are fluffy and their eyes colour can vary. Moreover, they are quite playful capable of adapting to new environments very easily.

Spotted Cat

A Spotted Cat/Pixabay

They are the perfect and of popular cat breeds one can possibly adopt. They have grey spots all over their body and their tail is generally darker than their body colour. They are sturdy who can easily adjust in the Indian climate. A very friendly breed, they can be brought down from an animal shelter, and not necessarily by means of purchasing.

Choosing the right cat breed is very important. Do think over whether do you want a pure breed or a street cat. Before adopting a cat, remember that you cannot let go of the commitment after a few years. Ponder over whether your daily schedule would allow you the time to take its care? Do you want to keep it indoors or outdoors? Most importantly, will you be able to keep it safe?

Like any other pets, cats too have to be taken to a veterinarian for routine check-ups and vaccinations. They also require regular grooming sessions to prevent hairballs, improve their blood circulation besides helping you to spend some quality time together. However, cats do not need to be bathed. Most of them are capable of cleaning themselves.

Before welcoming this new family member, you can consider cat-proofing your home. It will aid to keep the kittens safe. Besides, you will have to invest in a few toys including balls, stuffed animals, and other toys to keep these fur balls playful and busy. Also, you may have to purchase a few other things that will be required on a daily basis like litter box, brush, food bowl and nail trimmer.

Fix a permanent spot to place the water and food bowl as it helps the kitten to remember it and they can access it themselves whenever needed. Also, it is really important to select the right food for the pet. You can consult a veterinarian about the nutritional value of food and take an informed decision accordingly.

Happy pet parenting!

– Prepared by Mohima Haque of NewsGram, Twitter: mohimahaque26


Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

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